It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

A reason to be mad at my husband for ....

We all know men and woman and NOT created equal. This idea has been around for centuries... usually its in reference to men being physically better than women, or smarter than women.... well that's not what I'm talking about folks... I'm talking about our weight!!!!!!!

So Keri has been working the night shift lately which means he comes home anywhere from 9pm to 2am. His first question when walking in the door is usually... do you want some ice cream? By ice cream he means going down to the gas station that's still open and getting a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Now I know how my body works... if I stare at a Ben & Jerry's container too long I gain weight. My husband could have 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's and probably a few lbs!! So lately I have been trying to eat better lately and just when I think I have made it through the day without pigging out my husband will come home with that dreaded question and of course ....of course I want ice cream. So the first time he suggested it I was like... what the heck.... bring on the ice cream. But the next night when he suggested it I knew I had to refrain. Here is where I'm getting to the point that we are not created equal.... Keri could truly eat ice cream every night and not gain weight.... if I matched him pint for pint I would be at least 300 lbs.

How is this fair I ask you? One other quick story..... so last night I've had a lien cuisine for dinner.... you know those frozen dinners that are TOO lien cause after eating one I'm still I have some fruit and some water and call it good. I've tried to cut back on soda, which lets face it is my best friend.... and so there I was on the couch waiting for Keri to come home and feeling victorious about my eating for the day..... of course the second he comes home he suggest popcorn and before you know it, I'm shoveling greasy, buttery, salty popcorn in my mouth and washing it down with a diet pepsi lol.

How are any wives suppose to stay trim with husbands who can eat virtually anything they want and not gain weight? Keri's best friends are Baskin Robbins and the double stack at Burger King. Life just isn't fair and men and women are differently not created equal!!!!!

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