It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scarlet Fever!

A week ago Buddy started acting weird.  His behavior was just a little off.  As a mother you know your child and something was definitely wrong with mine. He also had this bright red rash on his face. At first I thought it was eczema but it was such a bring color and the look of it wasn't like when Cambree gets it. Here is what also started happening. He started laying down for EVERYTHING. We were outside drawing with chalk and he was laying completely down on the pavement to draw. While I thought it was cute I thought it was always strange.  Next we were shopping at the BX and he laid down in the cart! I have never seen him do that.  The last straw for me was when I gave him a bowl of mandarin oranges and he laid down on the floor to EAT THEM! Okay I knew something was wrong.  I called the advice nurse because it was about 4pm on a Friday and clinic would be closing soon on base.  I told her what was going on and she didn't concerned but she told me she would give me a referel to be seen off base to have some "piece of mind" going into the weekend.  A few minutes I had Buddy packed in the car and on our way to the urgent care.  Luckily the wait wasn't long and we got back to see the doc quick.  As I was telling the doctor about Buddy's weird behavior and the rash he sort of gave me a weird look like you brought him in for this? Well turns out Buddy not only had a double ear infection (which I had no idea he had) he also had strep throat and accompanied with his rash he had scarlet fever!!! I felt SO bad for little Buddy and SO thankful I brought him in.  Over the next few days the other two kids started acting a little weird (not like Buddy though) so I took them in and they got on antibotics for strep! Well then came on other bombshell. Shannon called to tell me Rylie has mono! Well THAT could explain Buddy laying down all the time.  Four days later on Antibiotics he is still lethargic so now I have to take him back in.  His rash was going away but now has spread and is worse. I don't know if this is normal or not but regardless we are going back to the doc. 

                                                Poor Buddy! Laying down to draw with chalk
                                                           Cambree after the doctor! 
                                                Ashley with some oranges trying to feel better!

4th of July!

 We had a fabulous 4th of July weekend! My sister's family came down and we had an amazing time! The morning of the 4th we went to our neighborhood pool to swim and then headed up to Fort Bragg for the day! Wouldn't you know it the second we get there and set out stuff down we were told that everyone had to go to their cars because severe thunder and lightening were coming.  Sure enough by the time we grabbed our stuff the rain started! Well of course Morgan and I had straightened our hair (apparently we need to check the weather forecast before doing such a silly thing next time) so picture the two of us trying to fit under a small umbrella while trying to save our straight hair. It only partial worked.  Morgs, Cambree, and I waited out the storm in my car and let me tell you it might have been the best part of the day for me.  Morgs and I were singing to songs and Cambree decided to keep honking the horn which made all the cars around us start honking back.  It was so hot and so humid after the rain but we had a great time! Gloriana performed and we all loved them (except Morgs lol) The fireworks were pretty cool and we all had a great time except for Buddy... who just wanted to run around cry! Here are a few of the pictures :)

Could Ash be America's Next Top Model or what?  Cambree is standing next to our neighbor Serena who she LOVES! 
Morgs attempting to entertain Buddy. ALL he wanted to do was run and be free!
This is poor Cambree hot & miserable but a great trooper. Naturally the cheetos helped!
Could Ashley BE any cuter? I'm here to say no!
Of course I got this drink for me and of course Ashley took it over. Cambree & Buddy fell asleep before the fireworks started but my lil Ash stayed up and LOVED them!
This was Morgs and me trapped in the car! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

It is a miracle!!!

Soooo anyone who knows Cambree knows one thing about her... she tends to be a bit lazy! For example she refused to hold her own bottle. EVER.  I'm not talking like a six month old baby refusing .. I'm talking like girlfriend was 11 months old and refusing to hold her own bottle.  If I didn't hold it... she would just go without rather than hold it herself. DIVA! Another prime example was crawling. She straight up would not crawl. We tried everything to coax her into crawling. I KNEW she could crawl but would she? NO! Infact she didn't crawl until her first birthday! True story! She was walking 2 weeks later.  This brings me to the present day issue of potty training.  When you have a baby you just assume (or at least I did) that the hardest part of having a child would HAVE to be the endless crying and lack of sleep.  I thought that once you got to the stage of them sleeping through the night that you had conquered the hardest part of having a child.  Of course then came teething and again once Cambree got all her teeth in and was sleeping all night again I thought.. yep, the hardest part is done.  Hello, the hardest part hadn't even begun!!!!!!

So when Cambree turned 2 years old I had the twins.  Life sort of revolved around these two little babies and I was not about to add potty training Cambree on top of the stress.  I wasn't too worried because she was only 2 .. but when she turned 3 I started to panick thinking I had to get her trained.  I tried to talk to her about it and I would always ask her.. do you want to sit on the potty? Her answer was always NEVER! Not even no, or nope, but NEVER! Followed by DIAPER! I swear she was having a love affair with diapers.  Well Cambree is almost 3 1/2 and I decided it was TIME! No more procrastinating! I kept asking her.. do you want to be a big girl and use the potty and of course I got the NEVER answer. Infact she had such little interest in potty training that I seriously had the thought what if she NEVER potty trains? I had visions of Cambree not being allowed to go to school because she wasn't potty trained. I'm not exaggerating. These were actual concerns I was starting to have.  Cambree is one determined and stubborn little girl but I figured I wrote the book so I could do this. It was potty training time.  

June 28th, I decided to take the plunge.  I took away the diapers and put her in underwear. What resulted was her simply peeing in her underwear and me eventually putting her back in a diaper discouraged. She didn't even attempt to try and use the potty.... and let me tell you we have a killer potty. My mother in law bought us a singing potty! Yes that is what... if you pee it will sing.  How cool is that? Well I was determined that Cambree would make this toilet sing.  June 30th I put her in underwear and every 20 minutes we decided to make her sit on the potty.  Keri started working with her that morning and would you believe by lunch time not only was she peeing in the potty.. she was telling us when she had to go!!!! IT WAS A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously thought this day would never happen! By the end of the day we had zero accidents! She had successfully peed in the potty all day!!!!!! I have never been prouder in my whole life. I'm serious. Turns out my little girl is smart!!! We are now three days into potty training and she has had a total of 1 accident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cue the hallelujah chorus*  Now as excited as I am now..... I just have to remember that I have twins to potty train next. GREAT.

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