It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I thought it was a good idea...

I was SO excited to buy this for Cambree... I thought for suuuure she'd enjoy countless hours of fun playing with everything attached to the pastel poles... so I drove home, put her on the cute lil mat and waited for her fun to begin.... as you can see the second I put her under there... she cried! So much for my good idea :(

A new fan is born....

Cambree insisted on being an Aggie fan... what can I say.. she has great taste!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Precious pink hats..

Cambree loves oversized pink hats...
Now what goes good with an oversized pink hat??
My new best friend Miss Lamb
We like to snuggle

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines to me...

So there I am.. sound asleep after a looong night looking after Cambree... when I wake up to find mom and dad staring at me... holding flowers and telling me I had a special delivery from England!!!!
Not only was there flowers but this box of chocolates... that was more than enough to get me out of bed
The funniest thing happened about an hour later... these flowers arrived. Well the weird part was Keri didn't order two sets of flowers.. so either I have a secret admirer, or someone accidently duplicated the order! Isn't my husband the best? I love waking up to flowers!!

Cambree turns ... one month!

Happy One Month Cambree...
Open those peeps and blow out that candle..
SISSY! That's Cambree's... paw paws off!

My baby girl

That's my baby girl sleeping on the job.. isn't that winnie the pooh hat classic?!
Cambree poising in one of my favorite outfits... hold on she says.. what could make this picture even better...
Ahhh adding Sissy to the picture makes it soo much better
After a hard day of modeling.. its back to bed...
KK found this defence hat we bought for the Sugar Bowl and thought it would look great on Cambree.... turns out she was way right...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life with Cambree...

Cambree and Daddy just chilling out. Cambree looks extra tinsy compared to Daddy!
This is Cambree's favorite past time... Zzzzzz....
Isn't she adorable?! You can see she free'd one of her hands by taking the mitten off... we're constantly putting the mittens on her hands and she is constantly taking them back off..
Grandpa and Cambree time...they are in deep conversation about life
That is Cambree's famous poise... she likes to Vogue in her sleep... (strike a poise.. vogue, vogue, vogue, vogue..)
Keri loves both of her girls... we told Cambree that this was her sister Sissy! Sissy is VERY protective of Cambree..
Cambree is looking good in yellow... you'll notice her eyes are finally open!
Sissy was on babysitting duty but found the football game on tv more interesting...
Grandpa was changing Cambree's diaper and she was none too happy
Beat it grandpa... I'm trying to sleep...
Okay he got things all clear on the western front!
Ahh sleeping beauty... she loves to have her hands close to her face.
Keri and his girls again.. actually I got up to let Sissy outside and she jumped on the couch and stole my seat!! Seriously.... bad Sissy!
We were taking Cambree to her doctors appointment and had just put her in the car seat... I was dying when she put her hand up.. I can't tell if she was telling us to stop in the name of love or doing the spock-star trek- hand thing...
Ahh feeding time is always a happy time...
Comfy cozy with grandma..
All bundled up for a trip outside...

Grandma pays us a visit!!

Keri's mother flew from Florida to come visit her first grandchild!! While she was here we got quite the snow storm! Naturally Keri and Sis had to go play in it...Grandma Dana, Keri, and Cambree! Three cute generations!!
Dana made that baby blanket Cambree is laying on... Cambree has a talented grandma...
We were sad when Grandma had to leave but hopefully we can visit her soon in sunny warm Florida!

All of Cambree's loyal fans ...

Aunt Aubs was excited to come over and hold Cambree. Aubs and I have been best friends for years and years...
This is Cooper. Cambree's Godfather! Cooper was my boyfriend until Keri swept me off my feet ;)
Kimball came over too..
This is Loraine, the baby soother. We just love the Thatcher family! They are more like extended family to us!
Cartblooms in the house! Kayleen and Stephie came over to hold Cambree!!
Uncle Justin! He is one of the most awesome people you'll ever meet!
Stephie again ;)

Uncle Cory even came over for a visit. This is my moms brother!
Cambree sure loves all of her fans! Thanks to everyone who came and visited us!! (Jerrilynn visited us with her family but somehow we didn't end up getting pictures of it! :(

The day that never ended!

As everyone already knows I went in for a routine doctor visit on January 12th and got admitted to have my baby. All these pictures were taken by Kelly since I didn't have a camera on me..
They wasted no time hooking me up and making me very uncomfortable and yes I was thinking of my chocolate donut in this picture..oh yeah and that I had to use th bathroom but I was hooked up to a million things... bed pan anyone?
This monitored the babies heartrate and my blood pressure. It was way awesome to be able to listen to the babies heart...
Don't I looked a bit out of it as Shaun rubs my baby bump? I wasn't even on drugs at this point
Ahh this is inside the operating room as they prepped me for my c-section! Seriously I was terrified!
I know that is not my best look... not to mention it was hotter than heck in that operating room especially once they put that oxygen mask on my face...
Kelly was allowed to go back with Cambree once she came out! I'm glad someone was with my lil baby as I only got to see her for a brief second before they started cleaning her up..
Cambree was brought into my room about 2 hours after I had her. She looked SO PRECIOUS!
Ahh Cambree and mother were finally reunited!! I couldn't believe I was A MOTHER!! Okay I know.. another scary looking picture but I had been starved and in pain for two days so I think I'm looking good ;)
This picture was taken seconds after Keri arrived at the hospital. He had come on a plane from Germany to Utah and from the airport right to the hospital. I started crying when I saw him, it was so nice to have him there!
How adorable is this picture? Daddy and daughter...
Grandma was anxious to hold Cambree!
Grandpa was next!! Look how tinsy she is!
A sleeping Cambree.. my little bundle of joy!

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England or Bust..

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