It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

The other shoe dropped..

Since I'm fairly certain no one actually reads this I am keeping this more as a journal to remember events, celebrations, and of course bad news that can change your life. We seem to be getting a lot of bad news lately and then we got some more.  About three weeks ago Keri was told my his cardiologist that upon review of his CT scan that the radiologist found something. His lymph nodes down in his chest by his ribs was abnormal. Typically when something like this shows up it is either just a benign mass or it is cancer. This is definitely not the kind additional news you want to hear after you've already found out you have a heart condition.  Well the next struggle for him has been trying to get an appointment with the Pulmonologist so we can confirm if this is nothing to worry about or if this is cancerous. Now I'm not the type to think doom and gloom. When I hear news I automatically assume it will be fine.  My dad actually had a scare a few years ago. They thought he had lymphoma. They did a biopsy right away and it was fine. Not cancer.  Now the problem we were running into was the doctors office wasn't being too helpful in scheduling this appointment so Keri could see the Pulmonologist. They were telling him they needed HIM to send over the CT scan and the reports.  He emailed them over and they said they couldn't open the format he sent it in. It has just been super frustrating to deal with. Now two weeks after trying to make an appointment he FINALLY got one but not until Dec 4th. I don't know how you tell someone you have possible cancer but then make them wait so long to find out.  The medical world can definitely be very frustrating to deal with. In this case it seems negligent as we could be potentially dealing with something deadly. It's not the sort of thing you take two weeks on to just make an appointment. 

Now we just have to wait to find out. The waiting is the worst. Luckily we have Thanksgiving at my sisters in a few days to look forward to and of course the trip to Utah for Christmas! Although thinking of taking Buddy on a plane for six hours strikes fear into my heart. He lives to run and being coped up in a seat in a plnne thousands of feet in the air is going to be torture for him and the rest of us.  In other news, due to Keri's medical problems we will definitely be getting medically retired from the military.  I have such mixed feelings about this. I truly thought we would be in the military the full 20 years. Keri already has 8 years in. I thought we'd be back overseas in a few years hating life. (Okay not hating per say..) I truly have found an amazing place in North Carolina. It isn't so much the actual location but the people. I have found and developed some amazing friendships. Cambree has some amazing friends to include a best friend who is more like a sister. This will be very sad to walk away from. The humidity on the other hand will not. It is crazy how quick the course you thought you were walking can change. The only thing that is comforting is that no matter where we go in life I have three of the most incredible children and a fabulous husband. In the end I guess that is all that truly matters. 

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