It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Boys v Girls- potty training edition!

Since I have twins I feel like I have a front row seat to see exactly how different boys are from girls.  For example potty training.  When I last wrote I was talking about my twin daughter being potty trained.  At the time by son was still struggling with being fully potty trained. Not because he couldn't do it... but because he wasn't interested in doing it yet.  He had more importantly things to do with him time than standing around the toilet seat with mommy telling him he can do it.  I think he only wanted to do it when HE wanted to do it. Not when I dragged him into the toilet and told him to do it.  Turns out he had been doing it... he just didn't make a fuss about it.

So I was sitting in the kitchen with my girls when I heard the sound of someone going to the bathroom.  The girls were with me and my husband was in the basement so that left one person.  Suuuurely it wasn't him.  I ventured into the bathroom and there he was with his underwear already up and a tell tell sign... pee on the seat.  I was shocked. If I hadn't heard him in the bathroom I would have never known he was secretly already peeing in the potty. With my girls every time they needed to go to the bathroom it was a big event. Of course mommy had to go too. With Cambree she expected me to lift her up on the seat. With Ashy she just wanted me to sit with her. With my son if I hadn't heard it ... I would have never known.  Who knows how long he had been going on his own?! When all was said and done he was probably the easiest one.  When he decided he was finally ready to be potty trained... he was.  No drama! No audience!!

A few weeks in and he stealth about it. He will be doing something and quickly sprints out of the room to go potty.  I just laugh when I hear him slam down the seat when he is done and flush. Hey, he is a step above his dad with putting the seat down!!   He doesn't make a fuss about going, he just goes.  I am 100% a firm believer in not pushing your kid into potty training.  Every since the day I heard my son in the bathroom peeing I have had him sleeping in underwear at night.  He has had zero accidents.  I cannot tell you how nice it is to have all my kids potty trained and to not every have to worry about it again.  Buddy can be a handful but with this ... I'm telling you when he decided it was time... it was time and was definitely the easiest thing we've ever done.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Potty Training Twins..

My oldest daughter who is the ripe old age of 5 was not the easiest person to potty train.  When I say not the easiest I mean she literally clung to her diapers and told me NO about potty training.  She was 3 at the time and I felt the pressure getting her potty trained whether she liked it or not! I decided we were through with diapers were one day and that was that.  I took her to the potty and miracles of miracles it took.  I mean... she was 3... but still... it took.  It was easy and that was that.  Okay so there were accidents and of course some bed wetting but basically it took a day and she had it down.  That whole process leading up to that day though was not fun and I wasn't going to go through that with my next child especially considering my next child was actually a set of twins.

Sooo I didn't push potty training on my twins at all They turned 3 and I still didn't push.  I wasn't going to completely stress myself out over this.  Well a few months passed.... they are now 3 1/2 and then I start to panic a little.  I had long taken the diapers away but they were living in pull ups.  For Buddy that was a baby step cause he hated the pull ups at first.  Well I decided they might not ever do this on their own so I started taking them in every 20 minutes and started the potty training.  Now let me tell you two things .... Ashy has the determination of a 20 year old and Buddy just doesn't let much faze him so this really didn't work.  I would give them both juice and set a timer figuring they would eventually need to use the potty and they never did.  Ashy would hold her pee allllllll day. I've never encountered a bladder like this.  I swear she did this to show me she was going to potty train on her terms and her terms weren't now.  I started putting her in underwear (super hero underwear to sweeten the deal because superhero's are infact her favorite) and she wasn't peeing her underwear. She would sleep in it overnight even and never once have an accident.  Then one day maybe a week later she came to me on her own and said "pee on potty"... I was shocked!! Here I was setting timers, giving her juice with no results and a week later when she decided it was time... it was time.  Since that day she has been potty trained. Now to the point about potty training.... you can pull your hair out trying to get them to go on the potty or you can give them the tools or in my case the super hero underwear and when they want to do it... they will. She has no accidents and no bed wetting.  With my oldest when we would go out shopping I would still put her in a pull up "just in case".... with Ashy I don't have to do that. She isn't going to accidentally pee.  It is soooo nice.

Now for the Buddy story!  Buddy and Cambree and two pea's in a pod. Two birds of a feather. How they didn't come down as the twins I will never know because they are in fact the real twins.  So I started putting him in underwear and decided his reign in pull ups was over. The problem was he would stand at the toilet but not pee. He put on a nice theatrical piece of trying to pee... but alas nothing would come.  So I told him.... if you pee on the potty I will buy you a robot/ (Robot = a transformers toy!) So I had to go order Cambree's birthday cake anyway and after I did that I dropped by the store and grabbed 2 robots.  (Yes folks I was determined we were peeing in that darn potty!!)  I get home.... I simply show Buddy that I had a sack that had 2 robots in it. Would you believe he marched right into the bathroom.... pulled down his underwear and peed?  I had been trying to get him to pee allllll day without success! Apparently Buddy will pee for robots!!

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