It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Anxiously waiting...

We thought we had the next four years of our lives set but then we got word that we aren't going to Washington D.C. after all! In order for Keri to work for the White House he had to have two separate types of security clearances. (A Top Secret Clearance and a Presidential Clearance) It takes a certain amount of time to do each clearance and from the time Keri accepted the assignment til the time we are suppose to be there... there isn't enough time to complete the security clearances and apparently you can't arrive there without having both in place) Confusing I know and completely retarded. Basically they shouldn't have given us that assignment knowing we wouldn't have enough time to completely the steps necessary to have in place to accept it. Sooo now we are waiting to hear where we are actually going!!!! I'm a nervous wreck!! I wasn't exactly thrilled to hear about the D.C. job but after a few months I was (getting) excited and now we are back to square one!! I feel like I've paid my dues living in England so I HOPE we get a good assignment next!! On the top of our "wish list" is Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Ohio, and Virgina. I would be good with any of those but the only luck Keri and I have is BAD luck so we will probably end up in Alabama or something hot and humid! (Noooooothing against Alabama because I could definitely become an Auburn fan but I'd rather live in a dry climate!) Overall though I will just be happy to be leaving this tiny miserable island I'm calling England lol!! We are suppose to hear any time now so cross your fingers for us!! Pray we don't get sent to somewhere like North Dakota either!!!!! None of us have winter coats ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sorry doesn't even cover it!

Just when you are cruising along life thinking everything is great you get thrown a curve ball. In this case it was a curve ball that I should have let pass me by but I didn't. The thing about life is you can get so caught up in something that you don't stop to think about the consequences or people that could get hurt in the process. I hurt a person who I once called a friend and if I could talk to that person again I would say from the bottom of my heart how incredibly sorry I am!

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