It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So close yet sooo far away!

That is a picture of twins at 32 weeks. I feel excited and amazed to be 32 weeks. When I think back to first being pregnant it seems like 32 weeks have flown by but boy do I feel like a bloated elephant!!! I have got the baby bump the size of a small island. Being pregnant with twins takes everything out of you. It is a struggle daily to feel like I'm getting enough oxygen in. I jokingly told my doctor I needed an oxygen tank. While the reality is my oxygen levels are just fine it literally feels like I'm one of those bigger linemen that just ran 90 yards for a TD... Then I got some stressful news that put the cherry on top. I found out I have gestational diabetes. I got tested at the very beginning of my pregnancy and it was negative but now I have it. In my research I found out that it is common to get it when carrying multiples and even more common when carrying fraternal twins. This new development really shook things up. Now I have to test my blood sugar four times a day with my special diabetes kit and the best part... I have to be conscience of everything last thing I put in my mouth. For example eating a simple bowl of cheerios with skim milk (which I've eaten like every morning since forever) spikes my blood sugar. It's not the cheerios.. its the milk. Milk is apparently the devil when it comes to diabetes. I can't even look at white bread without my blood sugar spiking up and don't even think about something as simple as graham crackers. One single sheet of graham cracker totally spiked my blood sugar. Oh graham crackers how I miss you. You and I were best friends!! Turns out breaking up IS hard to do :( The good news is once I have the twins my diabetes will immediately go away but I think this experience will forever change the way I look at food. In the meantime I'm trying to deck the halls without a single ounce of chocolate... which Keri by the way is eating for the both us of. Thanks Keri! ;)

Onto the babies... things have been going really well with the twins. They are both finally "head down" and they kick basically all day. This is so different than with Cambree who never kicked. We would put rap music on my belly with Cambree and nothing. These twins are definitely making up for that. Day and night they are making their presence known!!

Now that I am 32 weeks I have to go twice a week to the doctors to have the twins monitored for about an hour each time. I have my growth ultrasound on the 28th and my next doctor appointment on Jan 2nd. It is definitely a busy time around here! At least I have Christmas to try and distract me! As much as I feel horrible and complain I definitely feel blessed to be having twins. We are in for a big adventure!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let is snow, let it snow, let is snoooooow!!

It was a christmas miracle!!! Keri had been telling me for about a week now that we were expected to get some snow. Now I've been in this country a while and have never seen more than a flake or two of snow so of course I was doubtful..... but..... we actually got snow!!! Cams kept peeking out at it!!
Big flakes of snow!!!!!!! Sooo excited!

Keri HAD to take Cams out in the snow for a minute!! Cambree kept putting her hand out to catch the snow flakes!!
View from inside... I was sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!
Our winter wonderland! I know its not much but I'll take what I can get! One thing I definitely miss about Utah is all the delicious snow! It doesn't feel like the Holiday's without it! This will definitely have to do until I get to visit Utah again!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

These twins are getting a spank'in!!

Since it's my blog what better place to whine than here right?! Since I'm certain you agree I'll proceed!

Reasons why Twin Pregnancy is kicking my butt vs my pregnancy with Cambree:

*At 23 weeks I can barely walk! We are wayyy past a waddle... I'm talking I barely move.. I'm thinking one foot in front of the other and ten minutes later it happens..

*Cracked ribs anyone? I literally have so much pain on my ribs that it feels cracked or broken. I'm not even 6 months yet which means I have to deal with this pain for quite a few more months! BOO!

*Heartburn city! Holy smokes I thought I knew what heartburn was but this... this is ridiculous. I drink water and I swear I get heartburn. Forget laying down at night. The acids slowly creep up my throat all night long.

*There is absolutely NO comfortable position. I know this is common with pregnancy but at 23 weeks I toss and turn all night where as with Cambree it was at least 30-32 weeks before I was completely uncomfortable at night

*Do I even have to mention the size of my baby bump? People have asked me when I was due THINKING it was any day now.... um nope I say... not til February!! I'm as big now as I was 8 months preggers with Cambree

*Hungry much? My stomach is growling all the time. I eat and my stomach growls... I eat again and ...wait... what was that? my stomach growling. I am always hungry!!

*You should not be getting WINDED walking up a set of stairs at 23 weeks but I've been winded walking up stairs since about 20 weeks. I'm talking heavy breathing by the top and having to lay down on the bed. That never happened with Cambree

*The devilish iron pills. On top of my prenatal vitamins I have to take extra folic acid and iron pills. As if taking extra iron wasn't a pain (on my stomach) enough... if I forget to take a dose or two... I am sooooooo exhausted. Literally I'll lay on the couch all day.

*At 8 months with Cambree I wandered all over London at Christmas time. Now I can barely make it down the street without pains. A trip to the commissary makes me feel completely spent.

*Tandem kicking!!!! Holy cow its like a symphony in my stomach all day long! Kick... two seconds later... kick from the left... one nano second later... kick from the right.. are we having a soccer match in my stomach?

Okay I guess that is enough whining for now. In conclusion: Calgone TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Round here...

I thought I'd post a few pictures from the past few months... This is how most days start off... Cambree hogging MY lazy boy! Upon waking up she immediate brings in shoes for me to put on her followed by a shoe change about a half hour later into rain boots!

Cambree in her little wings! How precious is she when she is asleep?
Cambree loves to be outside pushing her baby stroller around.. of course she has to be in her rain boots...
This is one of my favorite pictures.... when my sister was here we went to Warwich Castle... naturally we all had to use the bathroom! Well inside the bathrooms they have seats for babies to sit in while the mom's use the bathroom. (That is Kelly's knee you see) Cambree was telling a compelling story in the bathroom...
We went to Nottingham a few months ago... this is Cambree poising as Robin Hood!
Classic Cambree!
I'll update the blog more soon! I'm finally 22 weeks and have a doctors appointment tomorrow followed by a ultrasound on the 27th!!! Things are definately crazy around here being pregnant with twins and chasing after a 21 month old!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Luck, Kelly, and glorious Feltwell..

I thought I should update my blog as to the recent events going on! I'm officially 19 weeks pregnant who looks at least 30 weeks pregnant ;) My sister Kelly was here for two weeks! We had the best time! I don't think I've laughed that hard in a looong time. The day before she left me I was plotting a way to go home with her as I knew I would be terribly depressed when she left. My sister Kelly and I have always been super close. Most of my best memories include her but some of my saddest too.... she was the person I followed around constantly, she was the person who taught me how to tie my shoe... not so much out of kindness but more so she wouldn't have to constantly have to stop and tie it for me lol. One of my saddest memories was my first year at Girls Camp. Kelly was a 4th year which meant she would be on the 4th year hike and not at Camp with me. Back in those days I was TERRIBLY SHY. Painfully shy almost. A girl like me needed her big sis. We had survived Girls Scout Camp in Korea together for petes sake. So I was at camp having fun when I saw from the distance my sister walking down the path earlier than the rest of the 4th years. I was sooooo happy to see her. I can still picture her walking down the dusty path. I couldn't believe my good luck until she told me the worst news ever... she was SICK AND LEAVING EARLY! It was quite possibly one of the hardest things ever for a 12 year old girl. Being left alone without her sister.... in the wilderness. I survived naturally and I knew I would survive her leaving me again in England but it was a HORRIBLE few days after she left me.

Then all the bad luck happened. We tried to get a King bed from the furniture store in Feltwell and they said it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive.... then we tried to buy this lazy boy.. and lets be honest its the lazy boy of my DREAMS .... to which they tell us its out of stock and can't be ordered. We ended up buying the model on the floor and asked how much much to deliver it to our house literally a few blocks away.... would you believe she had the nerve to say $100!!!!!! It was just one thing after another like that.... then I stopped to realize I had some good luck... and it is our house in Feltwell.

Oh Feltwell... GLORIOUS Feltwell. It's a place I never wanted to live but now feel incredibly lucky to live there. Our new house is three bedrooms and a whole of space! I call it living in the lap of Military Luxury! This house has actually SCREENS (its rare to find a house in England with screens) and to top it off.... we are spoiled with actual water pressure. Our last house on Lakenheath was horrible. You would literally catch a cold being in the shower because the pressure was so horrible. The best part of the house is the backyard..... you walk outside and its this huge lawn bigger than a football field of just grass. Cambree could run forever back there. She has already made a few friends too. She was running hand in hand with a lil girl 2 houses down. I am sooooo grateful for this house. I think my luck is turning!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Eating for three!!

You know the first thing a pregnant lady says when she sits down to a big meal is... "well I'm eating for two"... Well ladies try eating for three! I never thought I'd say this in a million years but eating for three is WORK! They say someone pregnant with twins (or more) need to eat something... a sandwich...a snack... every two hours. Now before I was pregnant I would have thought that would be my biggest dream come true! This girl loves her some food! (Mostly Olive Garden lol) But now when I have to eat all the time.... its really not that fun. I mean how many peanut butter sandwiches can you have in a day? I don't even like peanut butter that much! Not to mention there aren't any fun places to eat here in England. I'm sure eating wouldn't be quite a chore if I had my Training Table around! :) The worst part is at night... I'll literally have eaten dinner like an hour ago and my stomach will be growling..... growling like I'm on Survivor and haven't eaten in days! It's hard to find things that sound good to eat all the time. This being said there are a few things I cannot get enough of!

Cravings at 14 weeks:
*Spaghetti -- I've eaten it for breakfast quite a few times!
*Ketchup -- Forget diamonds... Ketchup is this girls best friend!
*Nerds -- It's the tangiest tiniest candy of my dreams! I love it!
*Sour patch kids--The sour the better!
*Apple Juice-- Cambree and I could live on Apple Juice alone!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Addenbrookes take two...

So when we first got to England in 2008 I was almost 5 months pregnant with Cambree. The Lakenheath Hospital on Base referred me to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge for an ultrasound to take a look at the babies heart chambers. It was my first real taste of what it would be like to be British. You have to pay to park at the hospital for appointments. The nurses wear very old fashion looking uniforms... the whole place kinda makes you think you've entered 1946 or something. Anyway it felt totally weird but cool to be wandering the halls of Addenbrookes hospital today with Cambree on our way to get an ultrasound of our twins. Almost like we had come full circle again!

I waited patiently in the waiting room surrounded by British pregnant women. It's funny how a simply accent can make you feel so out of place. Let's be honest England might as well be Germany or Sweden because half the time you have no idea what they are saying to you. The accents are pretty thick and most of the time I end up saying "what?" at least three times before I understand.

Anyway they called us back to the very same room we were in 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Cambree. The doctor started the ultrasound and suddenly I was watching my amazing twins on the big screen. One was even waving to me. Seriously.... either that or just moving his hand around lol! The doctor said I was measuring at 13 weeks and 2 days instead of the 12 weeks I thought I was at! I was pretty excited about that! My new due date is February 16th which is crazy because Cambree's original due date was February 12th which is two days before Valentines Day.... and the twins are due 2 days after Valentines Day.

So the doctor said everything looked good so I was pretty relieved. It is super exciting to see my babies moving around and kicking... now if we could only find out the sex of the babies we will be set! Well that's my report from Cambridge, UK! :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Double the pregnancy

From the beginning I had been telling everyone that this pregnancy felt different. The first few weeks I was exhausted. I would be up for maybe an hour and needed a nap. Multiple naps. I was drained of all energy. Then of course I was starting to sport a baby bump... at like 9 weeks. Keeping in mind I didn't really get a baby bump til 3-4 months with Cambree. I had heard that you show earlier with your second, but this was ridiculous! Then came the doctor's appointment.

In the military your first doctors appointment isn't until you are 10 weeks. I was so excited when my appointment rolled around because I would get my first ultrasound. (In the military you only get 2 ultrasounds period. So each one is super exciting!) The day came and I was nervous. I had butterfly's. Keri kept asking me why I was so nervous. So we get into the room and the doctor comes in and we discuss a few things. I told her about my horrible night sweats. Two days previous to my appointment I had the worst night sweats I'd ever had. I woke up at 2am completely soaking wet and had to chance nightgowns and again at 6am I was so drenched with sweat and freezing cold that I hopped right into the shower. The doctor told me that night sweats were more common with twins to which I laughed and said... Well I had them with Cambree. Little did I know that was a foreshadowing of what was to come....

During the whole appointment Cambree was being a monster. Crying, yelling, screaming... she was definately put out. I think she knew what was coming as well. Keri was trying his best to keep Cambree occupied when the doctor first started the ultrasound. I turned to look at the screen and got the shock of my life. I saw TWO babies! The doctor said to me... Do you know what this means? I was in complete shock and thought surely she had pulled up a trick screen to scare me... so I said.. what does that mean? I needed her to tell me that I was actually seeing two babies things. The next thing she said changed my life... probably forever. She says to me... You are having TWINS! I still couldn't believe it. By that time Keri had Cambree and was looking at the screen in completely disbelief. Then we both looked at each other and started smiling. It was completely unbelievable. Never in a million years would I ever think I'd be having twins. Never in a million years did I think I would be capable of having twins!!!!

Well i've had a few days since the ultrasound to process it and I still just can't believe it. Twins. Me. Having Twins!! I am so nervous and scared and happy at the same time. Can I really do this? Am I strong enough to do this? At night I just lay in bed with the thoughts playing over and over in my head... I'm having twins. I'm really having twins!! How am I going to be able to handle twins! We live in a two bedroom house. We drive a sedan. My whole life is going to change. I am going to make the jump from one kid to three kids! And I thought my life with just Cambree was a handful!!! Well this is just the beginning of my adventure.. I'm almost three months and let's hope the next three go smooth!! Hey everyone, I'M HAVING TWINS!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tale of a toddler obsessed with pushing things..

Cambree has all sorts of obsessions. Most of them center around pushing things. She goes crazy if she can't push her stroller... you know instead of actually sitting in it. If we are out and she see's some random persons stroller... she will run up to it and try to push it!! Yeah .. awkward! We were walking around Audley House in Cambridge and this poor old lady was stopped and she had a walker... Keri and I both froze as Cambree made her way over to it!!! The horror that would have been... but for some reason she stopped and walked away!! *Shew*

She is also obsessed with pushing shopping carts... once again she won't sit in the cart like normal.. she will insist on pushing it with you. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it is when you go into a store for something little and try to hurry and Cambree is crying because she wants to get a cart to push.

Another obsession is laundry baskets. Yes you heard it here first folks. My daughter has an obsession with pushing laundry baskets around. We have to hide the laundry baskets to prevent a Cambree melt down. She will literally push the laundry basket all over the house. Which brings me to my picture... I dared to take a laundry basket out of hiding and pile up all our dirty clothes and take it to the washing machine. I had no sooner emptied the basket and left the laundry room when I heard a familiar noise.... Cambree had snuck into the laundry after me and was pushing the basket out into the living room. She would stop as she pushed and grab her Cabbage Patch Kid doll and put it in the basket... then she grabbed her Care Bear... and finally she plopped in it to watch tv. Who does that?! Yes... I think my daughter might just be crazy ;)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby delight!

Cambree is 17 months going on 13 and Keri and I decided that being in the military... Cambree needed a sibling close in her age that can be her best friend and play mate. Well it didn't take long to find out that I was expecting.... We were actually on our way to Birmingham when I told Keri I thought I was pregnant. I had been exhausted. When I say exhausted I mean I literally had zero energy. I was taking naps during the day which I never do and man was I hungry. I had other things happening that I had happen when I was pregnant with Cambree so I knew before I even missed my period or took a test that I was pregnant.

We got home from Birmingham and I picked up a test and there is was.... pregnant! I was relieved (because it explained my exhaustion and appetite!) and sooo happy! With Cambree we were caught off guard and were completely surprised when I found out I was pregnant. To be honest I cried for at least a week because I didn't feel ready and had other major things going on in my life.. but this time.... I was overjoyed!!

I was overjoyed and then I started getting my morning sickness and it came back ALL to familiar how hard pregnancy and how sick you get. Even when I feel miserable I am so incredibly happy and excited for the new addition to our little family! Now Cambree doesn't have to be alone and all the moving around we will be doing in the military Cambree will always have a friend by her side. I couldn't have made it growing up in the military myself without my sisters and brother. I'm excited for the start of our new journey!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

This..that...and the other

Sadly my time in Utah is coming to a close. I left England November 28th and I'll finally be back May 20th. When we left Cambree was 10 months old and not crawling or walking... by the time we get back she'll be 16 months who practically runs everywhere. The sad part about returning to England is my dear friend Allison and her family moved to Florida while I was gone. I will definitely miss her, Drew, and Rossssss. We had the best times together and I'm definitely gonna be sad without her. My favorite memory of her is walking down Cambridge and seeing a Pub called the Snug.... her with her double wide stroller and asking... do you think we will fit in there? I'm like... well.... it's called the Snug so probably not... we ventured in anyway ... me with cambree in her stroller and her with ross and drew in the double wide and by some miracle we fit. Drew was 4 weeks old when I first met him, now he has grown so much! He's a lil guy now...

Well a lot has happened since we left. I got a call about something tragic that happened to one of our friends in England. Without going into it, it left me very devastated and crying for days. Life is truly precious and we need to make sure we let our family know how much we love them daily. We also had another incident happened that left us realizing not everyone who says they are your friend truly are. I also found out that a few people who were friends before ended up being amazing friends while we were gone and made sure stuff we needed taken care of were done. It's rare to find true friends. I have so many true friends in Utah and it will be so sad to say goodbye to them once again. I have had the best time at lunches with Jerrilynn and Kristi. I've had the best times with Steph going tanning, getting our rock stars and slurpees, our 3 times at the gym together and just hanging out at each others houses. I had the best times with Aubs and her kids. I love all of you guys.

It will probably be quite a while until I'm able to come back to Utah for a visit! Among the stuff I'm going to miss will be:

*My family and Sissy!
*My best friends!
*Target, Layton Hills Mall, The Training Table, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Wendy's, Paradise Tanning in Kaysville, Layton Nails, Phazes Hair Salon, Kohls...
*My orthopedic surgery who will be seeing me for future knee surgeries
*My podiatrist who has given me weekly injections in my feet for neuroma's
*Texting everyone. In England I'll have a british phone and won't be able to text.
*Being able to watch the upcoming BYU football season on tv

I'm going to miss everyone! Utah will always be home for Cambree and I and I can't wait til I'm able to visit again!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy little bee....

Cambree and I had just come back from a fabulous lunch with my good friends Jerrilynn and Kristi.... Cambree had charmed their with her irristable smile.. she has the kinda smile that lights up the room. She gets this gleam in her eye and I swear no one can resist smiling back... so we walk into the house and straight out to the backyard. Cambree had walked possibly five steps out into the grass when she started absolutely screaming and she was down on her two palms... my first thought was that she had been stung by a bee...

So I carried her inside the house and thats when I saw that nasty little bee... it was waltzing around on her shirt. Naturally I start yelling at my mom to swat it off because lets face it, I'm terrified of bee's... so my mom swats it off and i stomp the crap out of that little guy. Cambree was still crying, and my mom was like freaking out as we stripped her down to see if she had been stung. That was when we saw three little welts on her legs! She had gotten stung THREE times!! I felt so awful!! And I was amazed that she could have been stung multiple times in such a short time!

Well we made a baking soda paste to put on her and gave her a tinsy bit of benadryl and she did just fine luckily. I was so sad though... of all the luck.. we are outside 5 seconds and she gets stung! Seriously I hate hate hate bees, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets! UGH!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The mother of ALL evil....

First I thought the mother of all evil were bee's.... seriously I did. They frightened me the MOST in the world. More than sharks and lions and zebra's. What? Zebra's have that innocent quality about them that just screams Danger! Beware! I'm evil underneath these stripes! Well after living in England where you get at LEAST 100 bee's flying in your non-existent-screen windows (yeah... British houses don't come with any screens in any of their windows because they swear they don't have fly's in England... um yeah and I'm Miss crown is upstairs) I've learned that bee's aren't really the enemy. In fact they are pretty easy to kill although the buzzing sound still makes my heart leap as it buzzes the tower aka my ear.

Anyway.... I found the real mother of all evil and it wasn't even an animal.. it was a thing. A thing called a Cortizone Shot!!!!!! I had my first cortizone shot after I had surgery on my thumb. That needle was sooooo long I was convinced it would poke through the whole thumb and come out the other end. It hurt like a mother ... well lets just say it hurt. Bad. My next encounter was for my feet.. you know plantar fasciatis and neuroma's in both feet are a titch painful (I know.... could I whine anymore?) The doctor gave me shots in both feet in the same visit of cortizone.Let's just pause there... If you haven't had a cortizone shot, well count your lucky stars because you are truly lucky my friend... They are truly the worst pain ever thought up by man (well besides braces ... I mean really.... putting wire on teeth and tightening it up every few weeks.. going home so sore you can't even eat a marshmallow) ANYWAY its the type of pain that starts off slowly... they insert the longest needle known to man and at first you think, man this is easy...why was i so scared and then... the real pain sets in as they push fluid through the needle into a tiny joint area on your body and I swear the pain gets worse and worse until you feel like you absolutely can't take it anymore and you're about to abort the mission and it feels like an eternity has passed and just before you are sure to pass out in pain the doctor gets done. Luckily that time I had Kelly to hold my hand and lets just say I'm surprised I didn't break her hand right off.

Well today I got my last cortizone shot (I know... do I do this for a hobby you might start to ask yourself) in my left knee. Ahh the dreaded knee's. Just take them out and replace them already. I've already had 8 knee surgeries... but anyway so I'm laying there and the doctor whom shall remain nameless (DR MURRAY, best knee doctor ever) shoots me with some lydocaine first and then starts the shot. The worst shot ever. And after its over I think.... I've survived another one and sorta pat myself on the back. Take Two.... I get home.... hours pass, I'm texting, I'm getting Cambree to sleep, I'm watching Real Housewives of New York and thats when it hits me, the worst part wasn't the shot but the pain that comes long after the shot. I look down to see a swelled up knee (which i'm like.. is that a watermelon or my knee... hmm) and the pain is just intense. It's like was the shot to hurt or help lol. Not to mention I guess I don't plan on sleeping til Friday since I'm not a bit tired and its way after midnight. I'm a mom of an active 14 month old. I'm usually snoring by 9pm.

My short (yeah I know... too late) ..... if you hear a buzzing in your ear... don't sweat it.... if you see a sharks fin circling in the ocean.... make sure you have absolutely no blood anywhere near you and stay still..... if you run into that runaway zebra don't flinch.....but if you are faced with that long cortizone needle... run my friends don't walk.... because it is truly the mother of ALL evil!!!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Much tooo much!

I remember thinking when I first found out I was pregnant and started feeling sick all the time and just horrible in general that I didn't know if I was going to make it. I honestly didn't see how I was going to be able to handle nine months of this torture. And torture it was. I got handed all the terrible and miserable things pregnant ladies can get handed to include this incredibly itchy rash that covered my whole body and lasted my entire pregnancy. This was the type of rash I'd go to bed with a fork under my pillow because a sharp fork seemed like the only thing strong enough to scrape my skin with to stop the intense itching.

Then I remember having Cambree a month early. Being prepped for my c-section and not having my husband there to hold my hand because not only was he not in Utah, he wasn't even in the same country. He was TDY to Germany. I thought for sure I wasn't going to make it.

Next came the long nights of Cambree being a new born and not sleeping and Keri leaving us because he had to go back to England and me surviving on maybe three hours of sleep total and for SURE I thought to myself, I am NOT going to make this. It's amazing what happens to a person when they are constantly and consistantly deprived of sleep. You can't function. The smallest of things set you off. It's not a fun place to be especially without your husband.

Last comes where I'm at now. Keri is gone to Cyprus and I've been in Utah with Cambree since the beginning of November and the thought that keeps coming to me is I'm not going to make this. Although family helps it is almost a helpless feeling knowing you are solely in charge of a thirteen month old. You have to feed her, bath her, chase her up the stairs for the millionth time, keep her happy, try and get her to bed on a regular schedule all while knowing she is going to keep you up most of the night because she is teething and knowing how early she is going to wake you. Heaven forbid she sleeps past seven am. Day after day I think to myself I'm not going to make this. My energy is zapped. I cannot go up those stairs one more time to drag her back down. If she pushes that power button off on the tv one more time I'm going to lose it. Then incredibly something happens. She says her first word. She gives you that cute smile. A smile that shows off her six gorgeous white teeth. She falls asleep with her head on your shoulder while holding your hand and you think to yourself... maybe I can make it a little while longer.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My lil diva turns one!!!

My lil baby girl was born a month early on Jan 13th, 2009! 5 lbs 12 oz!!
Grandma was soooo excited to hold her! She was such a tinsy lil bundle of joy!
She immediately became bff's with Miss Piggy! We stole her from KK quite a lot!!
Cambree loooooves music!
Cambree's first Easter!!
Daddy with Cambree!
Look at her lil stick legs!!! AND she had red hair... to start out with... quickly lost it though :(
Hiiiii world!
We were attempted to take a picture for her passport to get her to England..that was her poise!
Daddy had to leave us just a few months after Cambree was born to go back to England!!
Cam ponders the meaning of life...and why mommy always puts her in silly hats!
Mommy and daughter... and who has time to put on make up anyways?!
Cambree makes friends easily! She loves Miss Sheep!
Cambree joined a lil playgroup in England.. of course she had to dress for sucess on the playground!
Cambree HATED the English Channel!! I thought it was going to be magical...I was wrong!!
Cambree is quite the world traveler already! This is her at Picadilly Circus in England!! She's always at the heart of the action!!
Cambree playing in some leaves outside our house on Lakenheath!
Our lil ballerina!!!
Her first halloween! She didn't like carving pumpkins turns out!
The cuuuutest bee e-v-e-r!
Cambree's best friends in England... Drew and Rosssssssss! We joined them for Thanksgiving!
Cambree turns ONE!!!!!! Spoiled as usual!!
Cambree looooooves cake!
Our lil Diva!!!!!

Welcome to the Fabulous life of The Christensens

England or Bust..

The Fabulous Christensens