It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

These twins are getting a spank'in!!

Since it's my blog what better place to whine than here right?! Since I'm certain you agree I'll proceed!

Reasons why Twin Pregnancy is kicking my butt vs my pregnancy with Cambree:

*At 23 weeks I can barely walk! We are wayyy past a waddle... I'm talking I barely move.. I'm thinking one foot in front of the other and ten minutes later it happens..

*Cracked ribs anyone? I literally have so much pain on my ribs that it feels cracked or broken. I'm not even 6 months yet which means I have to deal with this pain for quite a few more months! BOO!

*Heartburn city! Holy smokes I thought I knew what heartburn was but this... this is ridiculous. I drink water and I swear I get heartburn. Forget laying down at night. The acids slowly creep up my throat all night long.

*There is absolutely NO comfortable position. I know this is common with pregnancy but at 23 weeks I toss and turn all night where as with Cambree it was at least 30-32 weeks before I was completely uncomfortable at night

*Do I even have to mention the size of my baby bump? People have asked me when I was due THINKING it was any day now.... um nope I say... not til February!! I'm as big now as I was 8 months preggers with Cambree

*Hungry much? My stomach is growling all the time. I eat and my stomach growls... I eat again and ...wait... what was that? my stomach growling. I am always hungry!!

*You should not be getting WINDED walking up a set of stairs at 23 weeks but I've been winded walking up stairs since about 20 weeks. I'm talking heavy breathing by the top and having to lay down on the bed. That never happened with Cambree

*The devilish iron pills. On top of my prenatal vitamins I have to take extra folic acid and iron pills. As if taking extra iron wasn't a pain (on my stomach) enough... if I forget to take a dose or two... I am sooooooo exhausted. Literally I'll lay on the couch all day.

*At 8 months with Cambree I wandered all over London at Christmas time. Now I can barely make it down the street without pains. A trip to the commissary makes me feel completely spent.

*Tandem kicking!!!! Holy cow its like a symphony in my stomach all day long! Kick... two seconds later... kick from the left... one nano second later... kick from the right.. are we having a soccer match in my stomach?

Okay I guess that is enough whining for now. In conclusion: Calgone TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!

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