It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Baby toes make me smile!

 Cambree & Ashy's toes!

Cambree's cute lil toes!

Ashy's lil toes!
I love love love having girls! I love when Cambree wants her toes painted! I love when Ashley holding still so I can paint hers too! Normally I hate toes but from the moment Cambree was born I fell in love with her toes. I remember asking my mom when she thought I would stop being obsessed with how cute Cambree's toes were and she said around 3.  Well Cambree is almost 3 and I still love her toes! I love my girly girls!!

Love hate but mostly dislike!

A LOT of things have been annoying me lately. Life with 3 kids under 3 is completely overwhelming and stressful. Not to mention they outnumber me 3-1.   I've decided to write down a list of things that I hate, dislike, and love as a why to vent and get out some frustration...

Things I hate:
*Piles and piles AND piles of diapers! (And me being the only person to pick them up!)

Things I dislike:
*Having 3 kids in diapers

Things I love:
*My 3 kids

Things I hate:

Things I dislike:
*Cambree's obsession with watching My Little Pony's and CRYING when commercials come on, and whining until I fast forward through the commercials. (Thanks to Grandma D showing her you can fast forward through commercials to start her crying when commercials come on! 

Things I hate:
*Waking up in the morning

Things I dislike:
Going in the twins room in the morning and changing two poopy diapers to start off my day every day

Things I love:
My twins!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday fun fun fun!

We have been busy the last few months!! We went to f*l*o*r*i*d*a for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday's with Keri's family. While we were there Dana treated to the most amazing day at Disney world!!!! I can't tell who was more excited to be there.. Cambree or me... probably me!
Us in front of the castle!  
 Cambree with her ears!! She wore them all day!
 Which way to the castle? This way daddy.. this way...
 One happy girl on daddy's shoulders!
 Cam loved the dancing!
 Disney world was all decked out for Christmas! It was gorgeous!! 
 Ashley was to die for in those ears!!!
 I couldn't help but take another pic!!!!
 Buddy was NOT happy to be in his mouse ears! Boo!
 Keri's mom Dana with the kids! 
 We also made time to hit up the zoo. Cambree and Keri fed the birds... I was in the background screaming lol. Cambree was SO brave!!
 Buddy and daddy moment! 
 We were lucky enough to be around for one of Andrew's basketball games! This is Keri with his dad. Good looks run in the family ;)
 The man, the legend... one of my favorite people Andrew!! He plays point guard naturally! 
 I never had a chance to put up pictures from Halloween... so why not throw them up now.  Cambree was a lil bee. She LOVED this outfit. She wore it for days before halloween! It was even cuter when she would go around saying Buuuuuzzzzzz...
 It was pooooooouring rain but Cambree was anxious to get going! She was the cutest trick or treater! 
Ashley and Austin guarded the door (aka tried to eat all the candy!) 

We have had an amazing last few months! We had the best time in Florida! It was so nice to spend time with family!! Dana and Bob did SO much for us, we can't thank them enough!! Next up: Christmas!!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kelly & Drew!!!!

 Uncle Drew & Aunt Kelly came to visit!!! They live in Kentucky so we don't get to see them very often! Cambree wasn't cooperating for the group shot! (What else is new...)
 Don't they look like naturals holding the twins? Ashley is like welcome to our family...
                                                      Buddy soaking up the attention!
                                      The Kelly's!! Kelly holding Austin Kelly!!! I LOVE this picture!! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Busy lil bee...

The past few days have been insanely busy! It started off with having a guy who grew up just up the street from us over for dinner.  It turns out he is stationed at Fort Bragg with us.  (Small world)  We had a great time having him over! It was nice to discuss things and people from the old neighborhood!  After he left I hopped in my car and drove to my sister's house in Kernersville. We had a FABULOUS time! I got there late Thursday night and we pretty much headed to bed that night. Woke up on Friday and went to Breaking Dawn! (Yay!)  Naturally we had to buy the official Twilight plastic cups to drink out of while watching.  The movie was pretty good but that was just the start to our day. Our day included shopping, picking Troy up from the airport, and heading back out to Winsten-Salem to meet our friend Dan for dinner. After dinner we went to a  double feature of Immortals.  (Now I just have to say I didn't want to see the movie to begin with... then watched the trailer and thought it would be okay) Well I think we were all disappointed with the movie even thought it included some nice eye candy ;)  We had a lot of fun with Dan however. Who knew ;)  Shan and I got home.. hopped in bed to watch a movie with Troy and of course both of us fell asleep. Sorry Troy! 

I woke up today, hopped back in my car and raced home because my sister in law Kelly and her husband Drew were coming over for a visit!! We rarely get to see Kelly and Drew so we were SUPER excited to see them again!! Unfortunately Cambree was in a hideous mood! We simply must get her into some counseling for her chocolate addiction ;)  We went to lunch and came home and just talked.  We had a great time being with them!! They are both big Duke fans so hopefully we will get to see more of them since Duke plays about an hour away from us! I LOVE living so close to family!! 

Tomorrow we will jump in the car once more and head to f*l*o*r*i*d*a for the week! All of Keri's family lives in Florida so we are going to spend Thanksgiving there!! In a quick 9 hours we will be there! I'm ready for some fun in the sun which naturally translate into pawning the kids off on Grandma Dana ;)  (Jk!)  What a crazy couple of days!!! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quick note!

I haven't had time since getting back to America to blog so I thought I would leave a quick note to say we are alive and loving our new life in North Carolina! We live in the cutest four bedroom/ 3 bathroom house.  It is a major upgrade from our first house in England which was a two bedroom/1 bath! The best part is we live 2 hours from my sister (which is actually 1 1/2 hours with me behind the wheel.) We have already made numerous trips back and forth already.  Let me just say it is fabulous living so close to family after 3 years of living across the ocean from everyone we love! I will post pictures of everything soon! Just wanted to say we couldn't be happier with our new assignment and new life!! Next up for us is a road trip to Florida for Thanksgiving to see Keri's family!! YAY!

Monday, August 29, 2011

3 kids! 3 swing!

Cambree's first time in a swing at 5 months!
Ashley's first time in the swing at 6 months!
Buddy's first time in the swing at 6 months!

*I thought it would be cute to post pictures of the kids all at around the same age in the same swing at the TLF park!!

England Part 2 (Cambree's early years!)

Cambree's first time on the Underground going into London!!
In London!!
Cambree with Allison! (My partner in crime until she left me!)

Cambree at our favorite castle (Framlingham)
Cambree trick or treating with the Callahans!!!
Cambree with her bestest friends!!! WE MISS THEM SO MUCH!!

Memories of England Part 1 (The Early Years lol)

Our very first trip into London!!! We are on the Underground!
5 months pregnant with Cambree Kae!!!
My favorite picture!! Beware of thieves LOL!!
Our 1 year anniversary! Seeing Mama Mia!
6 months pregnant with Cambree Kae!!

3 days!!!!

Three days! THREE DAYS!!!!!

So today we visited our house on Feltwell for the last time & said goodbye to my awesome neighbor Alyssa! I will miss her and her gorgeous girls and of course lil Logan! We were both pregnant when I moved into that house... she was about a week or so ahead of me and I had my twins about 2 weeks ahead of her! After Feltwell I strapped the twins in and took a final tour of Lakenheath. I went past our first house on Windsor Circle that we lived in for 2 years. I seriously started getting really sad. Then as I was walking back to our lodge I remembered something. Something hilarious but at the time was so not funny. So there we were... arriving in England for the first time 3 years ago.. we hop on this bus and have to sit there all stinky and tired after a 12 hour flight. I'm pregnant and grumpy and wanting to be anywhere but in England and definately anywhere other than an old bus. (Not to mention I was concerned about whether there was a bathroom on the bus or not because let's face it pregnant ladies don't go long without having to go!!!!! So I was put out about that too LOL) So the bus motors along and when I say motors I mean the bus driver was crazy. He was really hauling and didn't seem to mind he was breaking branches off of trees and he pasted by them at mock speeds. So we finally (and I do mean finally) get to RAF Lakenheath and he pulls through the gate and the bus starts making weird sounds and stops. He starts it up.. it goes a few feet and stops. He gets out .. acts like he is doing something and tries to start her up again. After a few times of this... the bus moves an inch and finally dies. Yes my friends the bus we were on DIES! Then all of us are ushered off the bus to fend for ourselves. Hello.. I'm pregnant, tired, and now have 2 big suitcases to lug around ... not to mention we have no idea where billeting is to check in! It was truly the definition of hideous. Everyone kinda scatters in different directions and Keri and I pick a direction and start walking. This is how we were introduced to England lol. Aw, memories! I'm going to miss this crazy place! THREE MORE DAYS!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

4 days!

Four days! FOUR DAYS!!!! I cannot believe it has finally arrived! Only four days til we leave England and head back to America!!!!!! I still remember the day Keri called to tell me we got orders to England. It was April 2nd 2008. We had only been married about 5 months and I thought he was pulling a late April Fools joke! The joke it turns out was on me!! I was devastated to hear the news! But here I am... three years later and let me tell you it has gone by in a blink!!!! I dreaded coming here and now I have to admit I'm sad to leave! I came to England pregnant with my first child and leave with three kids. Now tell me that isn't a feat lol! We weren't able to travel and visit a lot of countries while we were here but I'm taking home the best souvenirs, my three adorable and amazing kids! I don't know of many people that can say they gave birth to twins in England!! (I don't know many people who would want to!) I've had a pretty awesome time here. I have met some AMAZING people and will come away with life long friends. Through my time in England I have learned that you can do anything. Nothing is impossible especially if you have an amazing family standing behind you. I've made some mistakes and learned some great lessons. I might even go as far as to say I will miss England... a little bit. Keri and I celebrated our first anniversary here. All my kids were babies here. It has been one amazing ride! I will be happy to be back in the land of driving on the right side of the road again! ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My lil Ashley Bug!!

I have to take a moment to brag about my lil Ashley bug! She is hands down the brightest kids we've had!!!! Cambree was soooooo lazy! We tried and tried and tried to get her to crawl but that girl was a little stinker. Would you believe the first time she crawled was on her FIRST birthday?! (About a week later she was walking!) Buddy seems to be following in the footsteps of his big sister. He is content just to "chill." He is perfectly happy laying on the bed watching tv with Cambree! (True but sad story!) Now my Ashley bug on the other hand.... she has got some spunk and determination.

By five months my Ashley was up on her knees and by five and half months she was rocking back and forth on her knees! Could it be? Will I actually witness one of my kids crawling before one? She is six months now and still doesn't actually crawl but she definitely gets around. And while she is getting around she is a BULLY! When she sets her eyes on something she wants... she goes and gets it. For example: Just yesterday Cambree had a bag of chocolate cheerios she was eating on the bed. Ashley rocked and scooted her way over there and literally took the bag out of Cambree's hands!!!!! Needless to say Cambree went ballistic! ( I secretly laughed!) Looks like someone is going to give Cambree a run for her money for queen of the household! Not more than 5 minutes later (After trying to put a cheerio in her mouth) she scooted over and grabbed some lego's Cambree was playing with. (Another melt down which included shouting of "MINE!" She is a bully to Buddy too. Ashley has never taken a pacifier. It is quite frustrating but Buddy's pacifier is his best friend. He always has it. Well I think it is a game to Ashley because she is constantly plucking that pacifier out of his mouth which makes him cry. I put the pacifier back in, move her away, and ..... she maneuvers over takes it out of his mouth again! (Stinker!) She also will take toys that Buddy is playing with right from his hands!! My little 14 pound girl is ruling the roost I tell you! She is the bully in a pink onesie!

Besides being mobile she also can sit up on her own which is something Buddy can't do quite yet. I think the problem Cambree and Buddy both have/had is that they have the worlds largest heads! I mean trying to get a shirt on either of them is a struggle because their head is so big. Now lil sister on the other hand has a tinsy head. I think it must be easier to scoot around and sit up if you don't have a big watermelon on your shoulders.

I look forward to seeing what the next few months bring for Ashley! She is definitely a mover and a shaker! She is definitely going to leave Buddy in her cute pink dust!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Twins are S-I-X- months old!!

Today the Twins are exactly 6 months old!! I cannot believe how fast time flies! I was looking at pictures of Cambree at 6 months old and thought I would post her 6 month old celebration along with the twins. This was Cambree's cake! And the start of celebrating the 6 month old milestone!
Look at my lil Cambree! I am thinking Austin & her are the REAL twins! They both have huuuge heads!
Cambree and mommy!! Cannot believe how fast time went by especially considering Cambree is now 2 1/2!
The twins 6 month old cake! (Note: there isn't much variety at the commissary! lol)
They wasted NO time digging in! Ashley was the more aggressive one! She loooves her cake!
Happy 6 months old twinsy!! Mommy loooooves you!

Mommy and Austin!

I hope the next 6 months slow down because the first 6 months flew by! I love my twins and cannot imagine my life without them! They make our family complete! Now if we could just get Cambree to like them!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Twins my foot....

Ahh the twins... my pride and joy! My reason for living! My reason for crying! LOL! I thought I would jot down a few things I've noticed about the twins before I forget. It is funny to have two babies the same age because it is interesting to see how differently they develop. Here are a few of the differences in my adorable twins...

Ashley has been rolling over onto her stomach since she was probably 4 months old. Maybe even before then. She is CRAZY about rolling over. And she drives me crazy with her constant rolling! If she is laying down she will be on her tummy in about 2 seconds flat. She absolutely refuses to sleep on her back. At first I was worried about letting her sleep on her stomach but there was no fighting it. I would flip her over.. and she would flip back onto her tummy before I could even turn away...Buddy on the other hand makes me laugh. He has a little budda belly which I think has prevented him from rolling over as fast. In fact it has just been the past few weeks where he could even make it onto his belly and then once he is on his belly he is instantly crying. He hates being on his stomach!! It is kinda funny though because when he does make it onto his stomach his feet are in the air! They don't touch the floor due to his budda belly. Poor buddy!!

Ashley is SO much more independent than Austin. For example I can put her in the pack n play to sleep at night and she will fall asleep by herself. Buddy on the other hand HATES being in the pack n play by himself. (Mama's boy what?!) If I put him in there to fall asleep and he is by himself he will cry. He gets so put out. He actually has this fake cough he does when he is put out or wants attention which is kinda cute the first few times he did it but super annoying now lol. It is only once Ashley joins him he will actually fall asleep! (And the fake coughing stops! Hallelujah!)

Ashley is high energy already! She is already like go go go! She is seriously days away from crawling. She keeps trying! We keep joking that I will put her down one day and I'll come back and she will have crawled away. Besides trying to crawl she is super active. She is always kicking her legs and moving her arms. Forget trying to feed her a bottle. Her arms are all over the place and her head is like looking left to right.. left to right... as if she would miss something! When I put her in the play saucer I swear she almost hyperventilates! Breath Ashley breath! Buddy on the other hand is more laid back. He is more vocal than active. He will jabber jabber jabber but doesn't really move around much and forget about crawling. He will probably be like big sister Cambree and not crawl til for-ever!!! His motto must be why crawl when you can be carried! On the plus side he is super easy to feed a bottle to and sometimes I can actually prop the bottle up and it will stay because he is pretty still.

The one thing Buddy does beat Ashley at is eating LOL! Surprise surprise he is a boy! That boy can pack away the milk and now he can pack away the solids! I started him on actual solids (like the baby applesauce and banana's) a week ago. He eats like a champ. He even opens his mouth up when I put the spoon close to it! I think this boy has a future in hot dog eating contests! Ashley on the other hand is such a girl! She takes forever to drink a bottle and usually ends up drinking about 2 ounces less than Buddy. She refused to eat the solids at first but is slowly and I do mean slowly coming around. I think she wants to maintain her girlish figure even at 5 months old lol.

Well those are a few of the differences I can think of right now! Gotta love the craziness that comes with having twins! My days are never boring and that is fo sho!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My addictions!!!!

If there is one thing I know about myself it is this.... when I find something I like... I do it over and over and over AND over again. Food, movies, drinks... whatever it may be... once I latch onto something good it pretty much becomes my newest addiction. When I was home in Utah we decided to all hop on my moms bed and rent a movie. We stumbled across this movie called Country Strong and really by chance decided to watch it. For whatever reason that movie spoke to my soul!!! I instantly became obsessed with that movie. My fabulous sister downloaded all the songs from the movie and I immediately began listening to them over and over and over AND over. Don't believe me, ask my sister! My favorite thing from the movie is obviously Garrett and his a-m-a-z-i-n-g good looks er... I mean voice! I listen to the songs he sings from that movie pretty much every night when I'm going to bed! Check out his "Timing is Everything" song... it is truly inspired I tell you!!
My next current addiction is chocolate covered strawberries. My first encounter with chocolate covered strawberries came about a year ago. I had a friend who brought them into my life and ever since them I have been sold on them. Currently I make them like no joke three times a week! I would totally be a lot thinner right now if a) I didn't make them so much and b) I didn't feel the obligation to eat them all in one sitting! What?! It's an addiction! Suuurely you can understand! They are best when slightly chilled from the fridge... ohhhh don't get me started I want some NOW!
Another addiction has plauged me for a long time.... that is Shabby Chic sheets! I know I know ... I said SHEETS! When I was single and rich I bought sheets alllll the time. I know, who does that right? I was the sheet queen I tell you! I came across Shabby Chic like 10 years ago and we instantly became best friends. Now that I'm married and poor with three kids I can't afford to buy them as much but I currently have Shabby Chic sheets on both Cambree's bed and my bed at the moment. If you are in the market for new sheets check-cha-check-check-check check them out!
One of my last addictions/obsessions is that of autobiographies. Nerd alert I KNOW! My sisters are both into the (sometimes saucy) romance novels.... but me my friends.... I love me a good autobiography. My past favorite reads were Andre Aggassi (a REAL page turner... I cannot say enough about that book) and George W. Bush (who knew he was SO funny!) I started reading Larry H. Miller's book but somehow it ended up getting lost at my parents house. Literally we could not find it. One minute I'm reading it on the couch (or it could have been in Shaun's room) and the next I am turning over couch cushions with no luck and no book... I'm currently reading Chris Herren's book. It might seem like an odd choice but Chris Herren played at Fresno State the same time I was attending Utah State (so like an eternity ago right) and Freson always played against Utah State so I actually remember watching him play. Not to mention any sports book is a good book to me so that helps too.

So I guess if I were to put them all together a perfect night would be watching Country Strong... and then going to bed on my Shabby Chic sheets with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and my Chris Herren book..... all of which I intend to do tonight because a) I'm nerdy like that and b) Keri works nights so what else do I have to do? Watch British tv? I think not......

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