It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Twins my foot....

Ahh the twins... my pride and joy! My reason for living! My reason for crying! LOL! I thought I would jot down a few things I've noticed about the twins before I forget. It is funny to have two babies the same age because it is interesting to see how differently they develop. Here are a few of the differences in my adorable twins...

Ashley has been rolling over onto her stomach since she was probably 4 months old. Maybe even before then. She is CRAZY about rolling over. And she drives me crazy with her constant rolling! If she is laying down she will be on her tummy in about 2 seconds flat. She absolutely refuses to sleep on her back. At first I was worried about letting her sleep on her stomach but there was no fighting it. I would flip her over.. and she would flip back onto her tummy before I could even turn away...Buddy on the other hand makes me laugh. He has a little budda belly which I think has prevented him from rolling over as fast. In fact it has just been the past few weeks where he could even make it onto his belly and then once he is on his belly he is instantly crying. He hates being on his stomach!! It is kinda funny though because when he does make it onto his stomach his feet are in the air! They don't touch the floor due to his budda belly. Poor buddy!!

Ashley is SO much more independent than Austin. For example I can put her in the pack n play to sleep at night and she will fall asleep by herself. Buddy on the other hand HATES being in the pack n play by himself. (Mama's boy what?!) If I put him in there to fall asleep and he is by himself he will cry. He gets so put out. He actually has this fake cough he does when he is put out or wants attention which is kinda cute the first few times he did it but super annoying now lol. It is only once Ashley joins him he will actually fall asleep! (And the fake coughing stops! Hallelujah!)

Ashley is high energy already! She is already like go go go! She is seriously days away from crawling. She keeps trying! We keep joking that I will put her down one day and I'll come back and she will have crawled away. Besides trying to crawl she is super active. She is always kicking her legs and moving her arms. Forget trying to feed her a bottle. Her arms are all over the place and her head is like looking left to right.. left to right... as if she would miss something! When I put her in the play saucer I swear she almost hyperventilates! Breath Ashley breath! Buddy on the other hand is more laid back. He is more vocal than active. He will jabber jabber jabber but doesn't really move around much and forget about crawling. He will probably be like big sister Cambree and not crawl til for-ever!!! His motto must be why crawl when you can be carried! On the plus side he is super easy to feed a bottle to and sometimes I can actually prop the bottle up and it will stay because he is pretty still.

The one thing Buddy does beat Ashley at is eating LOL! Surprise surprise he is a boy! That boy can pack away the milk and now he can pack away the solids! I started him on actual solids (like the baby applesauce and banana's) a week ago. He eats like a champ. He even opens his mouth up when I put the spoon close to it! I think this boy has a future in hot dog eating contests! Ashley on the other hand is such a girl! She takes forever to drink a bottle and usually ends up drinking about 2 ounces less than Buddy. She refused to eat the solids at first but is slowly and I do mean slowly coming around. I think she wants to maintain her girlish figure even at 5 months old lol.

Well those are a few of the differences I can think of right now! Gotta love the craziness that comes with having twins! My days are never boring and that is fo sho!

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Kayleen said...

Love it! You have a great perspective, Erin. I really enjoy your posts!!

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