It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Utah...Vegas.. and more....

 Judging from the christmas border I have up on this blog I am WAY behind!!! These three munchkins of mine keep this mommy busy! So to recap... in March my dad came out and we flew home with Ashley bug to Utah.  Dad and I LOVE to plot and plan adventures and our favorite scheme is always convincing mom and Keri to let us go to the WAC tourney!! We have been die hard Aggie fans since forever! Dad and I have been driving to Aggie basketball games and football games since at least the 8th grade when we moved back to Utah (after my dad retired from the Army) There is no better place than the Spectrum or Romney Stadium!! Well we took it a step further when one year I had the BRILLIANT idea that we MUST go to the tournaments.   For years we've been hoping in the car and driving to these tournaments.  Why should this year be any different? You HAVE keep tradition alive right? RIGHT??  Well.. it didn't hurt that the tourney was being held in VEGAS BABY!!!! So a plan was hatched... the only thing was mom insisted I bring one of the kids for her to see.  Well the twins are still under two so I can take one of them for free on my lap... and lets face it Ashley is the easiest so there we were... Dad, Ashley, and I on a plane to Utah *cue to music... Tonightttttt... we are yoooooooung....*

This is Dad and I Ashy previous to us taking off! Doesn't Ashy make THE cutest Aggie fan?! 
 Naturally I had to decorate the car to let everyone on the roads exactly where we were headed and where they were not!!

( These next few pictures snuck in out of place..) This is Ashy with her bestest friend Brynlee!   Future America's Next Top Models!!!!

 This is Ashy with her other best friend Pepper!!! How cute are they!

 This is Ashy with MY bestest-est-est friend Aubs! She is an amazing mother of four and soon to be five when i convince her to keep Ashley lol.  Jk!
 Okay back to the trip lol.... this is dad out enjoying the Vegas night life. I swear he was the energizer bunny... after the games I would be tired and he would be like... lets go!!!!!! I swear we were out til 2am everynight.  The next morning he would be out of bed before I even woke up! This is one man you WANT to take a trip with! He loooooooooooooves to go go go! 

 This was seriously my favorite picture!!! Watching the water display at Bellagio! 
Another view from the Bellagio looking out! Vegas is SPECTACULAR!!!!
 Okay so we knew going into the tournament that this was NOT our year. We had a horrible team... when I saw horrible I mean... I haven't seen a team this bad in YEARS! Buuut we have been to tournaments where they were A SHOO IN to win the tournament and didn't so you just never know! We actually did know but it was VEGAS! How could we help ourselves?! Basketball.... Vegas.... Dad's credit card????? I call that a triple threat LOL. (Kidding about Dad's card.... kindof!) Anyway we had a FABULOUS time in Utah and I got to see a lot of my friends that I MISS!!!!! See you all again for Christmas!!!!

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