It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Eating for three!!

You know the first thing a pregnant lady says when she sits down to a big meal is... "well I'm eating for two"... Well ladies try eating for three! I never thought I'd say this in a million years but eating for three is WORK! They say someone pregnant with twins (or more) need to eat something... a sandwich...a snack... every two hours. Now before I was pregnant I would have thought that would be my biggest dream come true! This girl loves her some food! (Mostly Olive Garden lol) But now when I have to eat all the time.... its really not that fun. I mean how many peanut butter sandwiches can you have in a day? I don't even like peanut butter that much! Not to mention there aren't any fun places to eat here in England. I'm sure eating wouldn't be quite a chore if I had my Training Table around! :) The worst part is at night... I'll literally have eaten dinner like an hour ago and my stomach will be growling..... growling like I'm on Survivor and haven't eaten in days! It's hard to find things that sound good to eat all the time. This being said there are a few things I cannot get enough of!

Cravings at 14 weeks:
*Spaghetti -- I've eaten it for breakfast quite a few times!
*Ketchup -- Forget diamonds... Ketchup is this girls best friend!
*Nerds -- It's the tangiest tiniest candy of my dreams! I love it!
*Sour patch kids--The sour the better!
*Apple Juice-- Cambree and I could live on Apple Juice alone!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Addenbrookes take two...

So when we first got to England in 2008 I was almost 5 months pregnant with Cambree. The Lakenheath Hospital on Base referred me to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge for an ultrasound to take a look at the babies heart chambers. It was my first real taste of what it would be like to be British. You have to pay to park at the hospital for appointments. The nurses wear very old fashion looking uniforms... the whole place kinda makes you think you've entered 1946 or something. Anyway it felt totally weird but cool to be wandering the halls of Addenbrookes hospital today with Cambree on our way to get an ultrasound of our twins. Almost like we had come full circle again!

I waited patiently in the waiting room surrounded by British pregnant women. It's funny how a simply accent can make you feel so out of place. Let's be honest England might as well be Germany or Sweden because half the time you have no idea what they are saying to you. The accents are pretty thick and most of the time I end up saying "what?" at least three times before I understand.

Anyway they called us back to the very same room we were in 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Cambree. The doctor started the ultrasound and suddenly I was watching my amazing twins on the big screen. One was even waving to me. Seriously.... either that or just moving his hand around lol! The doctor said I was measuring at 13 weeks and 2 days instead of the 12 weeks I thought I was at! I was pretty excited about that! My new due date is February 16th which is crazy because Cambree's original due date was February 12th which is two days before Valentines Day.... and the twins are due 2 days after Valentines Day.

So the doctor said everything looked good so I was pretty relieved. It is super exciting to see my babies moving around and kicking... now if we could only find out the sex of the babies we will be set! Well that's my report from Cambridge, UK! :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Double the pregnancy

From the beginning I had been telling everyone that this pregnancy felt different. The first few weeks I was exhausted. I would be up for maybe an hour and needed a nap. Multiple naps. I was drained of all energy. Then of course I was starting to sport a baby bump... at like 9 weeks. Keeping in mind I didn't really get a baby bump til 3-4 months with Cambree. I had heard that you show earlier with your second, but this was ridiculous! Then came the doctor's appointment.

In the military your first doctors appointment isn't until you are 10 weeks. I was so excited when my appointment rolled around because I would get my first ultrasound. (In the military you only get 2 ultrasounds period. So each one is super exciting!) The day came and I was nervous. I had butterfly's. Keri kept asking me why I was so nervous. So we get into the room and the doctor comes in and we discuss a few things. I told her about my horrible night sweats. Two days previous to my appointment I had the worst night sweats I'd ever had. I woke up at 2am completely soaking wet and had to chance nightgowns and again at 6am I was so drenched with sweat and freezing cold that I hopped right into the shower. The doctor told me that night sweats were more common with twins to which I laughed and said... Well I had them with Cambree. Little did I know that was a foreshadowing of what was to come....

During the whole appointment Cambree was being a monster. Crying, yelling, screaming... she was definately put out. I think she knew what was coming as well. Keri was trying his best to keep Cambree occupied when the doctor first started the ultrasound. I turned to look at the screen and got the shock of my life. I saw TWO babies! The doctor said to me... Do you know what this means? I was in complete shock and thought surely she had pulled up a trick screen to scare me... so I said.. what does that mean? I needed her to tell me that I was actually seeing two babies things. The next thing she said changed my life... probably forever. She says to me... You are having TWINS! I still couldn't believe it. By that time Keri had Cambree and was looking at the screen in completely disbelief. Then we both looked at each other and started smiling. It was completely unbelievable. Never in a million years would I ever think I'd be having twins. Never in a million years did I think I would be capable of having twins!!!!

Well i've had a few days since the ultrasound to process it and I still just can't believe it. Twins. Me. Having Twins!! I am so nervous and scared and happy at the same time. Can I really do this? Am I strong enough to do this? At night I just lay in bed with the thoughts playing over and over in my head... I'm having twins. I'm really having twins!! How am I going to be able to handle twins! We live in a two bedroom house. We drive a sedan. My whole life is going to change. I am going to make the jump from one kid to three kids! And I thought my life with just Cambree was a handful!!! Well this is just the beginning of my adventure.. I'm almost three months and let's hope the next three go smooth!! Hey everyone, I'M HAVING TWINS!!!

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