It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Baby toes make me smile!

 Cambree & Ashy's toes!

Cambree's cute lil toes!

Ashy's lil toes!
I love love love having girls! I love when Cambree wants her toes painted! I love when Ashley holding still so I can paint hers too! Normally I hate toes but from the moment Cambree was born I fell in love with her toes. I remember asking my mom when she thought I would stop being obsessed with how cute Cambree's toes were and she said around 3.  Well Cambree is almost 3 and I still love her toes! I love my girly girls!!

Love hate but mostly dislike!

A LOT of things have been annoying me lately. Life with 3 kids under 3 is completely overwhelming and stressful. Not to mention they outnumber me 3-1.   I've decided to write down a list of things that I hate, dislike, and love as a why to vent and get out some frustration...

Things I hate:
*Piles and piles AND piles of diapers! (And me being the only person to pick them up!)

Things I dislike:
*Having 3 kids in diapers

Things I love:
*My 3 kids

Things I hate:

Things I dislike:
*Cambree's obsession with watching My Little Pony's and CRYING when commercials come on, and whining until I fast forward through the commercials. (Thanks to Grandma D showing her you can fast forward through commercials to start her crying when commercials come on! 

Things I hate:
*Waking up in the morning

Things I dislike:
Going in the twins room in the morning and changing two poopy diapers to start off my day every day

Things I love:
My twins!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday fun fun fun!

We have been busy the last few months!! We went to f*l*o*r*i*d*a for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday's with Keri's family. While we were there Dana treated to the most amazing day at Disney world!!!! I can't tell who was more excited to be there.. Cambree or me... probably me!
Us in front of the castle!  
 Cambree with her ears!! She wore them all day!
 Which way to the castle? This way daddy.. this way...
 One happy girl on daddy's shoulders!
 Cam loved the dancing!
 Disney world was all decked out for Christmas! It was gorgeous!! 
 Ashley was to die for in those ears!!!
 I couldn't help but take another pic!!!!
 Buddy was NOT happy to be in his mouse ears! Boo!
 Keri's mom Dana with the kids! 
 We also made time to hit up the zoo. Cambree and Keri fed the birds... I was in the background screaming lol. Cambree was SO brave!!
 Buddy and daddy moment! 
 We were lucky enough to be around for one of Andrew's basketball games! This is Keri with his dad. Good looks run in the family ;)
 The man, the legend... one of my favorite people Andrew!! He plays point guard naturally! 
 I never had a chance to put up pictures from Halloween... so why not throw them up now.  Cambree was a lil bee. She LOVED this outfit. She wore it for days before halloween! It was even cuter when she would go around saying Buuuuuzzzzzz...
 It was pooooooouring rain but Cambree was anxious to get going! She was the cutest trick or treater! 
Ashley and Austin guarded the door (aka tried to eat all the candy!) 

We have had an amazing last few months! We had the best time in Florida! It was so nice to spend time with family!! Dana and Bob did SO much for us, we can't thank them enough!! Next up: Christmas!!!!!

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