It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

When it rains.... it pours!!!!

It's never just one thing... its usually one thing followed by another and another and so on and on..... and that seems to be just how life is.

Sooo about a month ago I was at the gym.... that infectious Mylie Cyrus song came on.. you know the one.... Party in the USA... so I pick the pace a titch on the treadmill... and that is when it happened.... a little "pop".... and then it was like my knee was grinding with every move I made. The day I woke up and it was swollen to the size of a small Island... and very painful. Great I thought. Mind you I've had seven surgeries combined on my knees so knee pain has always been a friend of mine. Not a best friend, more like a second cousin twice removed...

So I go to the doctor who makes me wait 2 tortuous weeks because he thinks its a torn meniscus but wants to make sure... so I wait the two weeks....come back in and he evalutates me and thinks indeed it is a torn meniscus. Mind you he tells me he is going to be deploying in December so basically he will be out of the office in November.... not to mention the Surgeon is out until after Christmas..... greeat! So he does want me to have an MRI so he puts in a request for one..... so I go to radiology they tell me to wait 24 hours and call back to get a date for my MRI.... basically they tell me on the phone 24 hours later that my torn meniscus MRI isn't really all that important and when I press her on the issue she tells me the earliest they could get me in is on Dec 1st.... mind you my husband deploys in a few weeks and I'll be back in the states by December 1st. It just seems like there is no real help here. Since when did a torn meniscus get treated as casually as a paper cut? A torn meniscus involves real pain and a hard time walking, let alone carrying a 9 month old baby around.

Well as if I wasn't upset enough.... we went to dinner of Friday at the Galaxy Club on Mildenhall Base.... we put her in a high chair of theirs (which we normally don't do) and during the course of our dinner we notice once she is biting on the wooden bar that goes across the high chair. Super. Well the next day she breaks out into what we originally thought was a little baby acne but got worse and worse. It was all these sores around her mouth that looked painful. Not to mention she was refusing her solids..... she wouldn't even open her mouth for her favorite foods!

So we were back into the doctor today and the doctor told us she has Herpangina. Basically it is Foot and Mouth disease minus the foot. She only has the sores around her mouth and more than likely inside her mouth. Herpangina is highly contagious so Keri and I have a high chance of catching it. Suuuper!

Like I said.... when it rains it pours.... it's not a good time around the Christensen household!!!

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