It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kelly & Drew!!!!

 Uncle Drew & Aunt Kelly came to visit!!! They live in Kentucky so we don't get to see them very often! Cambree wasn't cooperating for the group shot! (What else is new...)
 Don't they look like naturals holding the twins? Ashley is like welcome to our family...
                                                      Buddy soaking up the attention!
                                      The Kelly's!! Kelly holding Austin Kelly!!! I LOVE this picture!! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Busy lil bee...

The past few days have been insanely busy! It started off with having a guy who grew up just up the street from us over for dinner.  It turns out he is stationed at Fort Bragg with us.  (Small world)  We had a great time having him over! It was nice to discuss things and people from the old neighborhood!  After he left I hopped in my car and drove to my sister's house in Kernersville. We had a FABULOUS time! I got there late Thursday night and we pretty much headed to bed that night. Woke up on Friday and went to Breaking Dawn! (Yay!)  Naturally we had to buy the official Twilight plastic cups to drink out of while watching.  The movie was pretty good but that was just the start to our day. Our day included shopping, picking Troy up from the airport, and heading back out to Winsten-Salem to meet our friend Dan for dinner. After dinner we went to a  double feature of Immortals.  (Now I just have to say I didn't want to see the movie to begin with... then watched the trailer and thought it would be okay) Well I think we were all disappointed with the movie even thought it included some nice eye candy ;)  We had a lot of fun with Dan however. Who knew ;)  Shan and I got home.. hopped in bed to watch a movie with Troy and of course both of us fell asleep. Sorry Troy! 

I woke up today, hopped back in my car and raced home because my sister in law Kelly and her husband Drew were coming over for a visit!! We rarely get to see Kelly and Drew so we were SUPER excited to see them again!! Unfortunately Cambree was in a hideous mood! We simply must get her into some counseling for her chocolate addiction ;)  We went to lunch and came home and just talked.  We had a great time being with them!! They are both big Duke fans so hopefully we will get to see more of them since Duke plays about an hour away from us! I LOVE living so close to family!! 

Tomorrow we will jump in the car once more and head to f*l*o*r*i*d*a for the week! All of Keri's family lives in Florida so we are going to spend Thanksgiving there!! In a quick 9 hours we will be there! I'm ready for some fun in the sun which naturally translate into pawning the kids off on Grandma Dana ;)  (Jk!)  What a crazy couple of days!!! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quick note!

I haven't had time since getting back to America to blog so I thought I would leave a quick note to say we are alive and loving our new life in North Carolina! We live in the cutest four bedroom/ 3 bathroom house.  It is a major upgrade from our first house in England which was a two bedroom/1 bath! The best part is we live 2 hours from my sister (which is actually 1 1/2 hours with me behind the wheel.) We have already made numerous trips back and forth already.  Let me just say it is fabulous living so close to family after 3 years of living across the ocean from everyone we love! I will post pictures of everything soon! Just wanted to say we couldn't be happier with our new assignment and new life!! Next up for us is a road trip to Florida for Thanksgiving to see Keri's family!! YAY!

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