It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

3 kids! 3 swing!

Cambree's first time in a swing at 5 months!
Ashley's first time in the swing at 6 months!
Buddy's first time in the swing at 6 months!

*I thought it would be cute to post pictures of the kids all at around the same age in the same swing at the TLF park!!

England Part 2 (Cambree's early years!)

Cambree's first time on the Underground going into London!!
In London!!
Cambree with Allison! (My partner in crime until she left me!)

Cambree at our favorite castle (Framlingham)
Cambree trick or treating with the Callahans!!!
Cambree with her bestest friends!!! WE MISS THEM SO MUCH!!

Memories of England Part 1 (The Early Years lol)

Our very first trip into London!!! We are on the Underground!
5 months pregnant with Cambree Kae!!!
My favorite picture!! Beware of thieves LOL!!
Our 1 year anniversary! Seeing Mama Mia!
6 months pregnant with Cambree Kae!!

3 days!!!!

Three days! THREE DAYS!!!!!

So today we visited our house on Feltwell for the last time & said goodbye to my awesome neighbor Alyssa! I will miss her and her gorgeous girls and of course lil Logan! We were both pregnant when I moved into that house... she was about a week or so ahead of me and I had my twins about 2 weeks ahead of her! After Feltwell I strapped the twins in and took a final tour of Lakenheath. I went past our first house on Windsor Circle that we lived in for 2 years. I seriously started getting really sad. Then as I was walking back to our lodge I remembered something. Something hilarious but at the time was so not funny. So there we were... arriving in England for the first time 3 years ago.. we hop on this bus and have to sit there all stinky and tired after a 12 hour flight. I'm pregnant and grumpy and wanting to be anywhere but in England and definately anywhere other than an old bus. (Not to mention I was concerned about whether there was a bathroom on the bus or not because let's face it pregnant ladies don't go long without having to go!!!!! So I was put out about that too LOL) So the bus motors along and when I say motors I mean the bus driver was crazy. He was really hauling and didn't seem to mind he was breaking branches off of trees and he pasted by them at mock speeds. So we finally (and I do mean finally) get to RAF Lakenheath and he pulls through the gate and the bus starts making weird sounds and stops. He starts it up.. it goes a few feet and stops. He gets out .. acts like he is doing something and tries to start her up again. After a few times of this... the bus moves an inch and finally dies. Yes my friends the bus we were on DIES! Then all of us are ushered off the bus to fend for ourselves. Hello.. I'm pregnant, tired, and now have 2 big suitcases to lug around ... not to mention we have no idea where billeting is to check in! It was truly the definition of hideous. Everyone kinda scatters in different directions and Keri and I pick a direction and start walking. This is how we were introduced to England lol. Aw, memories! I'm going to miss this crazy place! THREE MORE DAYS!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

4 days!

Four days! FOUR DAYS!!!! I cannot believe it has finally arrived! Only four days til we leave England and head back to America!!!!!! I still remember the day Keri called to tell me we got orders to England. It was April 2nd 2008. We had only been married about 5 months and I thought he was pulling a late April Fools joke! The joke it turns out was on me!! I was devastated to hear the news! But here I am... three years later and let me tell you it has gone by in a blink!!!! I dreaded coming here and now I have to admit I'm sad to leave! I came to England pregnant with my first child and leave with three kids. Now tell me that isn't a feat lol! We weren't able to travel and visit a lot of countries while we were here but I'm taking home the best souvenirs, my three adorable and amazing kids! I don't know of many people that can say they gave birth to twins in England!! (I don't know many people who would want to!) I've had a pretty awesome time here. I have met some AMAZING people and will come away with life long friends. Through my time in England I have learned that you can do anything. Nothing is impossible especially if you have an amazing family standing behind you. I've made some mistakes and learned some great lessons. I might even go as far as to say I will miss England... a little bit. Keri and I celebrated our first anniversary here. All my kids were babies here. It has been one amazing ride! I will be happy to be back in the land of driving on the right side of the road again! ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My lil Ashley Bug!!

I have to take a moment to brag about my lil Ashley bug! She is hands down the brightest kids we've had!!!! Cambree was soooooo lazy! We tried and tried and tried to get her to crawl but that girl was a little stinker. Would you believe the first time she crawled was on her FIRST birthday?! (About a week later she was walking!) Buddy seems to be following in the footsteps of his big sister. He is content just to "chill." He is perfectly happy laying on the bed watching tv with Cambree! (True but sad story!) Now my Ashley bug on the other hand.... she has got some spunk and determination.

By five months my Ashley was up on her knees and by five and half months she was rocking back and forth on her knees! Could it be? Will I actually witness one of my kids crawling before one? She is six months now and still doesn't actually crawl but she definitely gets around. And while she is getting around she is a BULLY! When she sets her eyes on something she wants... she goes and gets it. For example: Just yesterday Cambree had a bag of chocolate cheerios she was eating on the bed. Ashley rocked and scooted her way over there and literally took the bag out of Cambree's hands!!!!! Needless to say Cambree went ballistic! ( I secretly laughed!) Looks like someone is going to give Cambree a run for her money for queen of the household! Not more than 5 minutes later (After trying to put a cheerio in her mouth) she scooted over and grabbed some lego's Cambree was playing with. (Another melt down which included shouting of "MINE!" She is a bully to Buddy too. Ashley has never taken a pacifier. It is quite frustrating but Buddy's pacifier is his best friend. He always has it. Well I think it is a game to Ashley because she is constantly plucking that pacifier out of his mouth which makes him cry. I put the pacifier back in, move her away, and ..... she maneuvers over takes it out of his mouth again! (Stinker!) She also will take toys that Buddy is playing with right from his hands!! My little 14 pound girl is ruling the roost I tell you! She is the bully in a pink onesie!

Besides being mobile she also can sit up on her own which is something Buddy can't do quite yet. I think the problem Cambree and Buddy both have/had is that they have the worlds largest heads! I mean trying to get a shirt on either of them is a struggle because their head is so big. Now lil sister on the other hand has a tinsy head. I think it must be easier to scoot around and sit up if you don't have a big watermelon on your shoulders.

I look forward to seeing what the next few months bring for Ashley! She is definitely a mover and a shaker! She is definitely going to leave Buddy in her cute pink dust!

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