It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

3 days!!!!

Three days! THREE DAYS!!!!!

So today we visited our house on Feltwell for the last time & said goodbye to my awesome neighbor Alyssa! I will miss her and her gorgeous girls and of course lil Logan! We were both pregnant when I moved into that house... she was about a week or so ahead of me and I had my twins about 2 weeks ahead of her! After Feltwell I strapped the twins in and took a final tour of Lakenheath. I went past our first house on Windsor Circle that we lived in for 2 years. I seriously started getting really sad. Then as I was walking back to our lodge I remembered something. Something hilarious but at the time was so not funny. So there we were... arriving in England for the first time 3 years ago.. we hop on this bus and have to sit there all stinky and tired after a 12 hour flight. I'm pregnant and grumpy and wanting to be anywhere but in England and definately anywhere other than an old bus. (Not to mention I was concerned about whether there was a bathroom on the bus or not because let's face it pregnant ladies don't go long without having to go!!!!! So I was put out about that too LOL) So the bus motors along and when I say motors I mean the bus driver was crazy. He was really hauling and didn't seem to mind he was breaking branches off of trees and he pasted by them at mock speeds. So we finally (and I do mean finally) get to RAF Lakenheath and he pulls through the gate and the bus starts making weird sounds and stops. He starts it up.. it goes a few feet and stops. He gets out .. acts like he is doing something and tries to start her up again. After a few times of this... the bus moves an inch and finally dies. Yes my friends the bus we were on DIES! Then all of us are ushered off the bus to fend for ourselves. Hello.. I'm pregnant, tired, and now have 2 big suitcases to lug around ... not to mention we have no idea where billeting is to check in! It was truly the definition of hideous. Everyone kinda scatters in different directions and Keri and I pick a direction and start walking. This is how we were introduced to England lol. Aw, memories! I'm going to miss this crazy place! THREE MORE DAYS!!!

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