It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My addictions!!!!

If there is one thing I know about myself it is this.... when I find something I like... I do it over and over and over AND over again. Food, movies, drinks... whatever it may be... once I latch onto something good it pretty much becomes my newest addiction. When I was home in Utah we decided to all hop on my moms bed and rent a movie. We stumbled across this movie called Country Strong and really by chance decided to watch it. For whatever reason that movie spoke to my soul!!! I instantly became obsessed with that movie. My fabulous sister downloaded all the songs from the movie and I immediately began listening to them over and over and over AND over. Don't believe me, ask my sister! My favorite thing from the movie is obviously Garrett and his a-m-a-z-i-n-g good looks er... I mean voice! I listen to the songs he sings from that movie pretty much every night when I'm going to bed! Check out his "Timing is Everything" song... it is truly inspired I tell you!!
My next current addiction is chocolate covered strawberries. My first encounter with chocolate covered strawberries came about a year ago. I had a friend who brought them into my life and ever since them I have been sold on them. Currently I make them like no joke three times a week! I would totally be a lot thinner right now if a) I didn't make them so much and b) I didn't feel the obligation to eat them all in one sitting! What?! It's an addiction! Suuurely you can understand! They are best when slightly chilled from the fridge... ohhhh don't get me started I want some NOW!
Another addiction has plauged me for a long time.... that is Shabby Chic sheets! I know I know ... I said SHEETS! When I was single and rich I bought sheets alllll the time. I know, who does that right? I was the sheet queen I tell you! I came across Shabby Chic like 10 years ago and we instantly became best friends. Now that I'm married and poor with three kids I can't afford to buy them as much but I currently have Shabby Chic sheets on both Cambree's bed and my bed at the moment. If you are in the market for new sheets check-cha-check-check-check check them out!
One of my last addictions/obsessions is that of autobiographies. Nerd alert I KNOW! My sisters are both into the (sometimes saucy) romance novels.... but me my friends.... I love me a good autobiography. My past favorite reads were Andre Aggassi (a REAL page turner... I cannot say enough about that book) and George W. Bush (who knew he was SO funny!) I started reading Larry H. Miller's book but somehow it ended up getting lost at my parents house. Literally we could not find it. One minute I'm reading it on the couch (or it could have been in Shaun's room) and the next I am turning over couch cushions with no luck and no book... I'm currently reading Chris Herren's book. It might seem like an odd choice but Chris Herren played at Fresno State the same time I was attending Utah State (so like an eternity ago right) and Freson always played against Utah State so I actually remember watching him play. Not to mention any sports book is a good book to me so that helps too.

So I guess if I were to put them all together a perfect night would be watching Country Strong... and then going to bed on my Shabby Chic sheets with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and my Chris Herren book..... all of which I intend to do tonight because a) I'm nerdy like that and b) Keri works nights so what else do I have to do? Watch British tv? I think not......


Kayleen said...

I love your blog - it just leaves me laughing and missing your cute personality!!!!

~JL~ said...

I love with a capital OVE chocolate Covered Strawberries! I also love to read your blog... only because you right just like you talk! and it makes me miss you and our talks. :) I hope all is going well for you! Miss you tons!

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