It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Luck, Kelly, and glorious Feltwell..

I thought I should update my blog as to the recent events going on! I'm officially 19 weeks pregnant who looks at least 30 weeks pregnant ;) My sister Kelly was here for two weeks! We had the best time! I don't think I've laughed that hard in a looong time. The day before she left me I was plotting a way to go home with her as I knew I would be terribly depressed when she left. My sister Kelly and I have always been super close. Most of my best memories include her but some of my saddest too.... she was the person I followed around constantly, she was the person who taught me how to tie my shoe... not so much out of kindness but more so she wouldn't have to constantly have to stop and tie it for me lol. One of my saddest memories was my first year at Girls Camp. Kelly was a 4th year which meant she would be on the 4th year hike and not at Camp with me. Back in those days I was TERRIBLY SHY. Painfully shy almost. A girl like me needed her big sis. We had survived Girls Scout Camp in Korea together for petes sake. So I was at camp having fun when I saw from the distance my sister walking down the path earlier than the rest of the 4th years. I was sooooo happy to see her. I can still picture her walking down the dusty path. I couldn't believe my good luck until she told me the worst news ever... she was SICK AND LEAVING EARLY! It was quite possibly one of the hardest things ever for a 12 year old girl. Being left alone without her sister.... in the wilderness. I survived naturally and I knew I would survive her leaving me again in England but it was a HORRIBLE few days after she left me.

Then all the bad luck happened. We tried to get a King bed from the furniture store in Feltwell and they said it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive.... then we tried to buy this lazy boy.. and lets be honest its the lazy boy of my DREAMS .... to which they tell us its out of stock and can't be ordered. We ended up buying the model on the floor and asked how much much to deliver it to our house literally a few blocks away.... would you believe she had the nerve to say $100!!!!!! It was just one thing after another like that.... then I stopped to realize I had some good luck... and it is our house in Feltwell.

Oh Feltwell... GLORIOUS Feltwell. It's a place I never wanted to live but now feel incredibly lucky to live there. Our new house is three bedrooms and a whole of space! I call it living in the lap of Military Luxury! This house has actually SCREENS (its rare to find a house in England with screens) and to top it off.... we are spoiled with actual water pressure. Our last house on Lakenheath was horrible. You would literally catch a cold being in the shower because the pressure was so horrible. The best part of the house is the backyard..... you walk outside and its this huge lawn bigger than a football field of just grass. Cambree could run forever back there. She has already made a few friends too. She was running hand in hand with a lil girl 2 houses down. I am sooooo grateful for this house. I think my luck is turning!!!!

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~JL~ said...

You are one lucky girl cuz you have a fabulous husband, little girl who loves you more than anything... also you have a wonderful family and fabulous friends in the states constantly praying for you and your family! I cannot wait to see the house... Skype date ... yes yes

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