It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

This..that...and the other

Sadly my time in Utah is coming to a close. I left England November 28th and I'll finally be back May 20th. When we left Cambree was 10 months old and not crawling or walking... by the time we get back she'll be 16 months who practically runs everywhere. The sad part about returning to England is my dear friend Allison and her family moved to Florida while I was gone. I will definitely miss her, Drew, and Rossssss. We had the best times together and I'm definitely gonna be sad without her. My favorite memory of her is walking down Cambridge and seeing a Pub called the Snug.... her with her double wide stroller and asking... do you think we will fit in there? I'm like... well.... it's called the Snug so probably not... we ventured in anyway ... me with cambree in her stroller and her with ross and drew in the double wide and by some miracle we fit. Drew was 4 weeks old when I first met him, now he has grown so much! He's a lil guy now...

Well a lot has happened since we left. I got a call about something tragic that happened to one of our friends in England. Without going into it, it left me very devastated and crying for days. Life is truly precious and we need to make sure we let our family know how much we love them daily. We also had another incident happened that left us realizing not everyone who says they are your friend truly are. I also found out that a few people who were friends before ended up being amazing friends while we were gone and made sure stuff we needed taken care of were done. It's rare to find true friends. I have so many true friends in Utah and it will be so sad to say goodbye to them once again. I have had the best time at lunches with Jerrilynn and Kristi. I've had the best times with Steph going tanning, getting our rock stars and slurpees, our 3 times at the gym together and just hanging out at each others houses. I had the best times with Aubs and her kids. I love all of you guys.

It will probably be quite a while until I'm able to come back to Utah for a visit! Among the stuff I'm going to miss will be:

*My family and Sissy!
*My best friends!
*Target, Layton Hills Mall, The Training Table, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Wendy's, Paradise Tanning in Kaysville, Layton Nails, Phazes Hair Salon, Kohls...
*My orthopedic surgery who will be seeing me for future knee surgeries
*My podiatrist who has given me weekly injections in my feet for neuroma's
*Texting everyone. In England I'll have a british phone and won't be able to text.
*Being able to watch the upcoming BYU football season on tv

I'm going to miss everyone! Utah will always be home for Cambree and I and I can't wait til I'm able to visit again!

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