It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tale of a toddler obsessed with pushing things..

Cambree has all sorts of obsessions. Most of them center around pushing things. She goes crazy if she can't push her stroller... you know instead of actually sitting in it. If we are out and she see's some random persons stroller... she will run up to it and try to push it!! Yeah .. awkward! We were walking around Audley House in Cambridge and this poor old lady was stopped and she had a walker... Keri and I both froze as Cambree made her way over to it!!! The horror that would have been... but for some reason she stopped and walked away!! *Shew*

She is also obsessed with pushing shopping carts... once again she won't sit in the cart like normal.. she will insist on pushing it with you. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it is when you go into a store for something little and try to hurry and Cambree is crying because she wants to get a cart to push.

Another obsession is laundry baskets. Yes you heard it here first folks. My daughter has an obsession with pushing laundry baskets around. We have to hide the laundry baskets to prevent a Cambree melt down. She will literally push the laundry basket all over the house. Which brings me to my picture... I dared to take a laundry basket out of hiding and pile up all our dirty clothes and take it to the washing machine. I had no sooner emptied the basket and left the laundry room when I heard a familiar noise.... Cambree had snuck into the laundry after me and was pushing the basket out into the living room. She would stop as she pushed and grab her Cabbage Patch Kid doll and put it in the basket... then she grabbed her Care Bear... and finally she plopped in it to watch tv. Who does that?! Yes... I think my daughter might just be crazy ;)


joven said...

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Carolyn Pierson said...

I know this is an old post but my son is the same way! I am currently sitting in a restaurant enjoying a meal by myself because my husband had to take our 15 mo old out into the mall area so he could push his stroller. And the laundry basket obsession is strong too. Did she ever outgrow it? Haha, I'm sure she did!

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