It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

My lil diva turns one!!!

My lil baby girl was born a month early on Jan 13th, 2009! 5 lbs 12 oz!!
Grandma was soooo excited to hold her! She was such a tinsy lil bundle of joy!
She immediately became bff's with Miss Piggy! We stole her from KK quite a lot!!
Cambree loooooves music!
Cambree's first Easter!!
Daddy with Cambree!
Look at her lil stick legs!!! AND she had red hair... to start out with... quickly lost it though :(
Hiiiii world!
We were attempted to take a picture for her passport to get her to England..that was her poise!
Daddy had to leave us just a few months after Cambree was born to go back to England!!
Cam ponders the meaning of life...and why mommy always puts her in silly hats!
Mommy and daughter... and who has time to put on make up anyways?!
Cambree makes friends easily! She loves Miss Sheep!
Cambree joined a lil playgroup in England.. of course she had to dress for sucess on the playground!
Cambree HATED the English Channel!! I thought it was going to be magical...I was wrong!!
Cambree is quite the world traveler already! This is her at Picadilly Circus in England!! She's always at the heart of the action!!
Cambree playing in some leaves outside our house on Lakenheath!
Our lil ballerina!!!
Her first halloween! She didn't like carving pumpkins turns out!
The cuuuutest bee e-v-e-r!
Cambree's best friends in England... Drew and Rosssssssss! We joined them for Thanksgiving!
Cambree turns ONE!!!!!! Spoiled as usual!!
Cambree looooooves cake!
Our lil Diva!!!!!


Shaylynn said...

Happy birthday to your perfect little girl!

Barbara said...

She is just so cute!!! I can't believe she is one already! Doesn't time just fly? I hope you all are doing great!

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