It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The day that never ended!

As everyone already knows I went in for a routine doctor visit on January 12th and got admitted to have my baby. All these pictures were taken by Kelly since I didn't have a camera on me..
They wasted no time hooking me up and making me very uncomfortable and yes I was thinking of my chocolate donut in this picture..oh yeah and that I had to use th bathroom but I was hooked up to a million things... bed pan anyone?
This monitored the babies heartrate and my blood pressure. It was way awesome to be able to listen to the babies heart...
Don't I looked a bit out of it as Shaun rubs my baby bump? I wasn't even on drugs at this point
Ahh this is inside the operating room as they prepped me for my c-section! Seriously I was terrified!
I know that is not my best look... not to mention it was hotter than heck in that operating room especially once they put that oxygen mask on my face...
Kelly was allowed to go back with Cambree once she came out! I'm glad someone was with my lil baby as I only got to see her for a brief second before they started cleaning her up..
Cambree was brought into my room about 2 hours after I had her. She looked SO PRECIOUS!
Ahh Cambree and mother were finally reunited!! I couldn't believe I was A MOTHER!! Okay I know.. another scary looking picture but I had been starved and in pain for two days so I think I'm looking good ;)
This picture was taken seconds after Keri arrived at the hospital. He had come on a plane from Germany to Utah and from the airport right to the hospital. I started crying when I saw him, it was so nice to have him there!
How adorable is this picture? Daddy and daughter...
Grandma was anxious to hold Cambree!
Grandpa was next!! Look how tinsy she is!
A sleeping Cambree.. my little bundle of joy!


kfowers said...

So cute!! Love the pics! Can't wait to see you, and meet Cambree! Hopefully it works out before you go back to England :). Kara

Bouwhuis Family said...

How precious!! She looks like her mommy if you ask Brady and I!! And honey considering the story, you were looking great!! Hope all is still going well for you guys!!

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