It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Since we've been gone...

This was the start of our very first day back in England! I forgot about all the cute stuff I had waiting for us at home like this hooded towel!!!
This was something my mom had bought us before I left for England the first time. We were all sad because we stayed longer in Utah than originally planned and we knew she would out grow it and not be able to use it. I strapped her in anyway but she's a bit too tall for it :(
This was Cambree getting ready to go outside and face the freezing England weather! Bundle up Cambree!!
Cambree LOVES to watch tv, so we put her in the boppy and let her watch!
She looked so cute from behind lol!
Look at her little legs crossed in the air! (Don't mind her bald spot lol!)
Ahhh asleep in her crib for the first time! She looks SO small in there and soooo precious!


Shaymus.. said...

You really do have an adorable little girl on your hands! I'm so glad you made it back to good ol' England w/you man:)

Kayleen said...

Sure miss the little cutie!!!

Logan and Traci Wood said...

I noticed you had a blog from Facebook so I decided to see if there were pictures...sooo cute! Cambree is quite the looker...she will definitely be breaking boys hearts. You look so happy and so beautiful with your georgeous red hair in you wedding pics. My email is so give me yours and I'll send you an invite to our blog. Traci Wood

Jack said...

ohhh she is so so cute :)

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