It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Turns out England really isn't THAT bad...

I know it's taken me forever to blog right? So much has happened and I meant to blog but then I got so far behind that it seemed hopeless to catch up. I do the same thing with my journals. Next thing you know I'm like a year behind... okay but back to the subject... England.

So I'm dividing my England experience into two categories. The first one is "Before I went home and had Cambree"... and "After I came back".... Before I went home and had Cambree life here was miserable! I was pregnant, it was winter which means the sun set at like 3:30pm. No I'm not even kidding. It's a total joke. To save time let's just say I hated England. Buuuuut since I've been back ...not pregnant.... and with a seriously cute baby girl.... I've decided... England is actually pretty cool and I'm kinda lucky to be living here!!

Since being back I've gotten back into the swing of things. I've eaten at my favorite restaurant Belle Italia a few times, I've reconnected with old friends, and actually made some really awesome new friends. I'm even involved in a play group for Cambree. Yay! Then there was our trip to Bath. Totally awesome. We stayed at RAF Fairford which lets be honest is practically a ghost town. Its this tinsy air force base that shuts down at 6pm sharp! Infact the hot spot on the base was the bowling alley and only because it stayed open later than 6pm ... oh and the hot dogs were good. So we set out for Stonehenge first. All of this is made very tricky when you factor in a baby plus a little rain but we actually had a good time. I have to admit though I was more fascinated with the sheep that were next to Stonehenge, than the actual rocks. LOL! I kept taking pictures of them and trying to think of how I could take one home with me. To be surrounded by Sissy's great aunts and uncles was pretty great. But yeah it was cool to actually see Stonehenge... along with about 50 Asians. Seriously I found it crazy that no matter where you are visiting there is always a handful of Asians right there with you. I was curious who was at Disneyland if they were all here with me. (I hope I'm not coming off as making fun of Asians... just stating facts that they are everywhere!)

ANYWAY, then there was Bath. (And lets hope I'm not boring you by this point.) We had the baby (check) rain (check) yeah umbrellas would have been nice. So Keri put Cambree in the baby carrier and we were off... with our hoods up. Bath was spectacular. And I AM talking about all the SHOPPING!!! I was in heaven... however per usual the only thing I ended up buying was something for Cambree... but a cute something.... the cutest Baby Gap jeans ever!!!! Okay so onto the actual Roman Baths..... let me just say the Romans had the right idea!!! I could have totally fit in back in the day! It was pretty awesome to tour the Roman Baths (again with my Asian companions.) My only regret was that I didn't somehow stage an accident that involved me falling into one of the Baths.. they looked so inviting... except for the whole unsanitary part... Of course I have quite a few pictures that I'll try to post soon but for now you'll just have the picture the awesomeness.... Of course after a long day of walking, shopping, getting wet, and the Roman Baths... we were hungry and we knew just the place to hit the spot...... I'm talking about Pizza Hut
of course! Now we'd heard that Pizza Hut isn't like an American Pizza Hut and after eating there I know why....its much better... however that isn't usually the opinion people have. I quite enjoyed it though.

Well now we are going to try and cram a few more things in until November when Keri deploys for six months and I head back to the States.... and this time I am actually sad to leave England for a while. It has grown on me soo much. I love how pretty it is, I love how much there is to go see, I love trying to covert dollars to pounds... wait I don't love that... but really England is a place everyone must visit at least once.......Oh yeah and I still dream about snagging me one of those Stonehenge sheep!!


Alicia said...

Ok--so I was about to make a joke about Disneyland and Euro Disney, but then you beat me to it!! Sounds like you are having a blast!! I soooo wish we could make it there! How about spring 2010?? Anyways--check out my blog--I've updated...and you and Cambree are on there (sorry--Cambree beat you with 2 pics!!) Also, I found an old letter you had written (probably 3 years+ ago) cute!! Take care and have fun for us! Love ya!

Bouwhuis Bunch said...

You are so cute!! Glad to hear that you are enjoying England more!! Oh and good luck with snatching one of those sheep!!

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