It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More sickness than holiday cheer!

While the holiday's are officially over now the memories I have of them this year are sick kids! I find it completely crazy to think we were never sick in England. Like ever! Now all of a sudden my kids are sick all the time. I cannot keep them healthy! I don't know if it has something to do with the three of them being so little and so close in age. I truly can't figure out how to keep them healthy. 

We decided to have Thanksgiving with my sister at her house this year and on the drive up Ashley (who rarely gets sick) looked awful. I was pretty sure she had her first ever pink eye. Her nose wouldn't stop running. She kept whimpering softly in her seat on the drive up.  I told Keri once we got to Shannon's house we needed to drop Cam and Buddy off and go right to an Insta Care with Ashley so that is exactly what we did.  Turns out Ashley had pink eye and strep. Fabulous. The doctor said Ashy's tonsils looked awful! Well OF COURSE it didn't take long for Buddy to start to look awful... then of course Cam. This was all within a night.  Cambree had the WORST cough. She is prone to bronchitis so I knew that is what she had.  Buddy started to get the pink gross eyes and looked awful. I made the mistake of sleeping with Buddy and Cambree that night to keep an eye on them so of course I got sick.  That weekend of Thanksgiving Cambree had trouble breathing. We were minutes away from rushing her to the ER in the middle of the night because she couldn't get breaths in. She kept gasping for air. I tried to calm her down and finally got her to take some deep breaths. I was so scared to go to bed after that. Our anniversary was the day after Thanksgiving and my amazing sister babysat the sicklings so Keri and I could go out and celebrate our five loooooooooong years of marriage. Well by the time we got home from Thanksgiving Buddy looked like death. We actually had to take Cambree to the ER because she was had trouble breathing again. The ER docs said she had *surprise* bronchitis. It was Buddy I was worried about however. I have never EVER seen him that sick. Under his eyes were black and blue and his eyes were all pink. We got the kids into the doctor and the doctor took one look at Buddy and said this is one very sick kid.  She immediately gave him a shot of penecillian and an oral prescription for an antibotic. She said the infection is what was causing Buddy's eyes to buldge out and turn black and blue. It also turns out the ER doctors failed to mention Cambree's ear infection. She went home with a prescription for Prednisone to try and get rid of that pesky bronchitis and an antibotic. It took a good week for the kids to start to feel better. 

Next came Christmas. This year we were able to fly home to Utah for Christmas! We were all so excited! (Well most of us lol.) Cambree kept counting down the days til we got on the plane. At first she was scared and kept insisting she was driving in mommy's van to Grandma's house but as it got closer she decided she could fly.  Well a few days before we were due to fly Cambree started throwing up. OF COURSE. She had no other symptoms of the flu however.... she was just running high fever's and throwing up. Well I had no idea how we were suppose to take her on the plane throwing up. Luckily one of my friends had some children's phenegren she gave us! *Shew*  We made the plane ride okay.  Taking three kids that are 3 and under isn't fun! The twins weren't 2 yet so we were able to fly with them for free... the catch of course being they had to sit on our laps! Cambree had a small melt down on the plane but the twins were pretty great! Well we got to Grandma's house and Cambree started throwing up again so we had to take her to our favorite place..the ER. Turns out she had her first ever Urinary Tract Infection. Well a few days after that grandma got sick... then I got sick.... then *surprise* Ashley got sick.  She kept throwing up all day long. She refused to eat or drink and didn't have any wet diapers.... can you guess where we ended up? The ER. We actually had the same nurse as with Cambree. (I swear I saw more of this nurse than I did my actual friends!)  Ashy ended up having to be hooked up to an IV to get some fluids. Wouldn't you know once we got the IV in and the board under her arm to keep her arm still... she threw up all over.  It was a quick wardrobe change and the IV had to be redone.  We were probably there for 4 hours... we had this amazing guy that kept checking on us and even brought us drinks.  KK was the one who was with me so we kicked back and watched tv while Ashy got her fluids. It was actually pretty relaxing which is sad. The day after the ER trip Ashy started to do much better so I'm super glad we got her in!  Well the rest of the trip went pretty well. We had a great time. We took the kids to see Santa. KK and I took Cam Cam to see "The Rise of the Guardians" which I LOVED.  KK and I went into gateway to do some shopping and went to see "The Forgotten Carols"... when we got home around 11pm Mom had the idea to go to Macy's  for some late night shopping. We didn't get out of Macy's til around 1am.  That was a fun memory of Christmas. I got to see so many of my amazing friends that I miss my dearly as well as a few relatives! Shaun, Keri, and I got to go see Les Mes. Well by the time we were due to leave Kelly was sick as well as my day so the night before we were leaving guess who was sick again? Cambree!!! (I swear they have no immune system!)  The plane ride was downright awful. The worst trip home anyone could ever have.  The kids starting crying from the second we got the airport.  I don't think Ashley stopped screaming til we got home.  She stayed up the entire time screaming her little baby lungs off.  I have never been more frazzled in my whole life.  A few days after we got home Cambree ended back up in the ER.  We had been alternating tylonel with motrin all night and around 5am she was as hot as I have ever felt anyone.  We gave her motrin and Keri took her to the ER and when she got there her temperature was still 102.  They had a hard time getting her fever down.  Ashley got sick next with the horribly high fever.  The only one who didn't get sick... the one person who USUALLY gets sick..... didn't.  That is a small blessing. Through all of this Buddy was the only one who didn't get sick.  I'm holding my breath however.

Well by New Years Eve everyone was FINALLY feeling better!!!!!!!!! *Hallelujia*  My only New Years resolution this year is to try to find a way to keep my kids healthy!!!!! I have no idea how to do it but I'm going to try. This mommy can't keep having sick kids.  Buddy actually goes back to the ENT in a few weeks and he already told us we had to take the "next steps" with Buddy which is getting his tonsils out.  I will do anything to keep Buddy healthy.  He was sick the entire year of 2012.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that 2013 is a fun HEALTHY year!!!!! (Cross your fingers with me!)

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Kayleen said...

Never ending stream of "Oh no!" and laughter reading your posts! Just love how you tell a story, Erin. When the kids are older you will be able to share these experiences with them and laugh again.

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