It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The sweetest girl..

Cambree has only been four for a few months but already she seems like a big girl.  Sure, there is the whining and the constant crying. The fighting with Ashley over everything. But there are also sweet moments. Telling her daddy to "be reverent" when he is getting upset with her. Soothing Ashley when she cries with a song. Then there was the other night.  Keri was in Cambree's room upset about something.  Often I like to tune Keri out because he seems to get upset over everything. Something small can be made out to be something big.  Well I heard him getting upset so I decided to go into her room. He was sitting down with one of the drawers that goes on Cambree's bed.  He told me it hadn't been pushed in and someone had stepped in it and it broke.  Immediately that sounded like something one of the twins would do.  Would you believe Cambree didn't waste any time telling us she broke it? I was so proud of her. I know kids go into a "lying stage" where they will lie instead of confessing and getting in trouble. Luckily for me Cambree hasn't hit that stage and I was so proud of her for stepping up and telling the truth even though Keri was clearly upset.  Well Keri & I got into a small fight and Cambree was right there and she told us "mommy.. daddy...both of you be nice." That diffused the situation right away. My favorite part of this story happened an hour later at bedtime.  Cam was tucked in bed and I asked her to say the prayer.  She said the sweetest prayer ever. She said she was sorry for breaking the drawer and to help mommy and daddy to listen to each other.  It truly touched me that my little four year old could be so sweet and so wise.  She truly is a special girl and I am so lucky she is mine. 

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