It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Goodbye Pre k, hello summer!!

I cannot believe it! School is out for the summer!! Cambree has officially completed Pre K! I cannot believe how much she has grown since she started in September 2013.  There are two elementary schools inside the military housing area we live in and Pre K is a part of the regular elementary school. Cambree went to school like everyone else each day from 8:20-10:50am. She had the absolute best Pre K teacher anyone could ask for. Mrs. Cooper was amazing.  I've never seen a teacher do so many cute projects with their kids. I think we all teared up in our last pick up line at school.  Before school started Cambree couldn't even spell her name all the way. Within a few weeks of school she could not only spell it but write it perfectly. She has learned to recognized all her abc's, and the sounds they make. This girl is well on way to reading! I'm so proud of her!! 
Cambree also just finished up her second year dancing at Southern Dance Explosion! I put together a picture of her and her best friend Allegra picking out their tutu's at 3, how they looked at the end of their first year, and how they looked at the end of their second year.  Cam has come a long way since she first started dance. She use to hate to put her ballet shows on! I use to have to put them on before we left so she wouldn't cry in class when I put them on her.  It has been so fun to watch her progress over the years! It has also been so nice that she has been able to dance for two years with her best friend.  

 This is a picture at her last recital with her best friends Bella & Allegra! These three girls are the cutest friends ever. Bella was in Cambree's pre k class as well as dance class so those two got super close.  These girls danced to "I'm not ready to be a princess" and they were spectacular!
 Cambree & Bella also tried out tumbling this year and LOVED it! I definitely have a tumbler on my hands.
School's over, tumbling is over, dance is over for another month.... it's time to kick back and have some fun! I'm so proud of my baby girl!! 

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