It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Gorgeous new house!!

So there we were living in my moms house with my three kids five and under... We had been living with her a month. Keri had just found out he had gotten the job he really wanted so the next step was to find us a house.  That part seemed really hard.  First how in the world were Keri and I going to agree on a house?! We rarely agree on movies! Our first disagreement was on location. I wanted to live in the Kaysville/Layton area... he was open to pretty much anything and it didn't matter how far away from Kaysville/Layton it was.  We grew up in Kaysville after my dad retired from the miltary and I just loved the area. It is pretty much next to everything you need to include my favorite part.. the freeway.  The most important thing about living in the Kaysville/Layton area however was that I wanted my kids to be in the Davis School District and more importantly I wanted my kids to go to Davis High. This was my driving force behind everything.  Keri thought I was limited our options really wanted us to look at a few houses down in Syracuse.  Mostly what I have against Syracuse is that you have to drive down Gentile for what seems like years to get down to the houses and I just didn't want to do that.  In North Carolina you had to drive forever to get anywhere and I was over that. I live in Utah now. I want to be live close to things. Not be driving down a long road every day to get places... but to avoid fight I hopped in the car and drove down the looooong road to look at some houses.  I'll be honest I feel in LOVE with a house down there! I really wanted this house. It was perfect. Right across the street was this gorgeous park with a lake. It was amazing. The only draw back.. the only thing saving me from taking this house was that it was on the worlds busiest road and there was no way I could buy this house that had a gotgeous park across the street with a lake and take the chance the twins would open our front door and run across the worlds busiest street and get hit by a car going 60mph.

Well I was starting to get nervous.  We were pretty crammed into my moms house.  She already had a full house before we moved in as Kelly and Shaun live there. While it was fun to all be under one roof after six years of living so far away it was time to be in our own home again.  Well just around the corner from my mom is this super gorgeous new subdivision. It use to be farmland that had horses on it. It is set against the mountains and it is just this luscious green and super pretty to look at. Well last year it got sold and homes started popping up. When I saw that I will admit I was mad!! They sold the pretty farmland for HOMES?! Is there no end to that in Utah? Where are all the poor horses going to run now? There use to be so much farmland in Kaysville and virtually all of it is gone now.

Getting past my soap box my mom dragged me into the car one Saturday and told me we were going to drive into that new subdivision around the corner.  She told me I WAS going to find a house there. I had previously driven through it and I had hated it!! I don't know how to describe it. It was not your normal subdivision. They would have normal houses and then they would have these very modern, very odd looking houses. My friend said if you saw these homes in Park City you wouldn't think they looked weird.. but we weren't in Park City. We were in Layton.  They also had this bright orange and white home right as you turned onto the street. I wasn't sure what was going on with this neighborhood but I was SURE it wasn't for me.

Well we drove around and we actually found this cute green house.  It was probably only half finished so the door was wide open.  Mom, Shaun, and I were in the car so we decided it was a good idea to go in the house and check it out. I noticed a sign out front from the builder so I asked mom if I should call them.  She said it was a good idea.  I called the number and a guy named Dallin answered. I told him I was outside his house and would love to go inside.  He said that would be fine and asked if I wanted him to meet us. I told him sure. I told him we had been pre-approved for a certain amount already and he said he had a few houses in the area he could show us too.  Perfect I thought!! So we went in the house while we waited for him and we HATED it.  Oh my gosh we did not like this house.  So then we are outside in the car regretting that we called this guy. Naturally mom tells me as much... you shouldn't have called him she says.  Well a few minutes later he shows up and drives us around the corner to a blueish/gray house.  The outside is cute.  We walk in and I immediately fall in LOVE with this house.  I immediately know more than I have ever know anything in my life that I am standing in my house.  Everything was perfect. It had granite counter tops. It had a balcony off of the master bedroom. It had a huge bonus room. It has 4 bedrooms upstairs. It has a 3 car garage. It has a huge laundry room. It has a walk in pantry. It is perfect. My walk in closet is huge. My bathroom is huge. It has a built in school area with shelves. There is nothing I don't love about this house.  I called Keri over and he loved it as well.  I couldn't believe this was happening. I can't remembering being this excited about anything.  We signed the contract right then.  Dallin was the son of the Contractor we decided on a price that was a littler lower than the asking price of the house so we had to wait a few days to see if the dad would accept the price and luckily he did.  After that day which was Sept 20, 2014 everything pretty much went off without a hitch.

October 23, 2014 we closed on our house and the very next day we moved into our new house!!! It was so excited to get the keys to our first house!! I feel so blessed that this all happened the way it did.  Blessed that Keri worked so hard to get his degree to get this job to afford this house. Blessed that our heavenly father had a hand in all of this. Keri's job had to line up perfectly for us to get into this house when we did. I feel like in life we focus so much on the negative and we don't stop to give thanks for the good.  We survived the weekend in this house with just the basics as we are waiting on our household goods to come out of storage and be delivered on Tuesday! Let me tell you .. you think you have everything until you are trying to take dinner out of the stove without oven mitts... or you take your shirt out for church on sunday and you don't have an iron.... or you've made baked potato's and you don't have a cheese grater.  I think all of these little things make for good memories and one day when we are older and all settled into our life here in our cute little house we will look back and laugh at the time I thought taking turkey steaks out of the oven with pull ups was a good idea!!!

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