It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

The whack doctor...

Well I went to see my neurologist who IS A JOKE. His name is Dr. Chowdhury and he is the worst doctor I've EVER been to. He came in, and played with his phone more than talking to me. I asked him exactly one question to which he replied "I need to get my ducks in a row first" Then he left. He did however set me up with a spinal tap which I have to do on Monday! I am SO NERVOUS! Could it really be that Shaun and I both have MS? It would clearly explain all the problems I've been having. I've always suspected that sometime down the line I'd get it, but why does this have to hit while I'm pregnant? I literally found out I might have MS on a Monday and that I was pregnant on a Tuesday. I was suppose to have some IV Steriods pumped into my system but couldn't due to the baby.

I'm really wondering why all this is happening all at once. It really seems like too much to bare. Not to mention my sister Kelly out of the blue, had a seizure a few days ago. We were all in my moms room getting ready to watch a movie, and she fell backwards and was chocking. Her hands curled in, and she was seizuring on the floor. It was the WORST thing I've ever experienced in my life. We have no family history of seizures so this was so unexpected and unusual. When she came to, she looked right at me, I was obviously crying hysterically and she said "what
s wrong".... only her words were slurred so it came out "wat wron". It truly broke my heart. She was so disoreinted. I would truly die if anything happened to my sister. She means the world to me.

Anyway, we're having a swell time here in Utah. lol...

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