It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The baby's heartbeat!

On July 3rd I had my very first baby doctor appointment. I think that sounds better than saying OBGYN. My mom wanted to go with us and of course Keri met us there. We waited in that waiting room and I started to get really nervous. My mom asked why I was so nervous because this was suppose to be a happy visit but man I felt my heart racing and started to get sweaty palms. It was just still a weird thought for me to think I was actually pregnant.

Well we waited and waited, Keri cracked a few nerdy jokes, and we waited some more. I was thinking, was it really wise to keep a pregnant lady waiting? Especially one that was as hungry as me?!?! I swear I need to eat every half hour!! Wait make that every ten minutes ;)

So he finaaaaaaaaally called me back. Now the next part I need to complain about. When you get pregnant you already feel as big as a whale due to your hormones, do we really need to add insult to injury and put a pregnant lady on A SCALE? I mean who really wants to know how much they weight especially when you already feel as big as a house?!? I closed my eyes so I couldn't see but I'm sure it wasn't pretty.

So we get back into the room and I have to change so I'm wearing this little napkin thingy (yeah like that is making me more comfortable) and he comes in and gets straight to work. He did my very first ultrasound!!! Man was that exciting and weird at the same time. I mean I know this is weird but I still doubted I was pregnant, even though I knew I was. So boy was it a big moment to actually see the tinsy outline of the baby!!!! You could even see its little heart beat flickering!! I actually have a tinsy person growing inside of me! I can't describe how weird but awesome that is!!

He gave me my official due date for February 12th so it looks like I'll have having a little Valentines baby!! :)


Keri said...

Come on you know you love the nerdy jokes! Admit it!

dana said...

this gramster is so excited to becoming a grandma. I am so happy for you two and love you both very much. Love mom

Ally said...

Congrats Erin! I hope you are feeling okay.

Alicia said...

You nerd!! Why did you never call me back while I was in UT?! Ok-Ok, I guess you DO have a lot on your plate, but I am starting to think I have been replaced....
WAY cool about the ultrasound! LOVE IT!!

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