It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The worlds itchiest rash ever...

So a few weeks ago Keri, Kelly, and I made a voyage down to Mesquite, Nevada for some fun in the sun. The thing I forgot to calculate into our trip was how freaking HOT Nevada is. It was unbareably hot!! It was a fun getaway for a few days though.

Well a few days after we got back I started developing a rash. It seemed harmless at first. A few areas under my arms were red and itchy. Well the next day the rash had spread all over my body and soon was uncontrollably itchy. Naturally I looked it up online and I read that woman do get a bad rash during pregnancy but usually its in their third trimester and I was only 11 weeks and still in my first trimester. So after being miserable for a few days, to include packing around a fork to scratch my rash with, I decided to go into the doctor. He looked at it and concluded it was indeed just the pregnancy rash and to continue with the benedryl.

Well six days into the benedryl my rash was as bad as ever. I was starting to feel so depressed because my whole day revolved around itching myself to death and feeling miserable. Well I called my OBGYN and as luck would have it... he was out of town!! The nurse said to go back to the doctor and tell them the benedryl wasn't working.

So I drag my mom to the IHC... the AC is out naturally at the IHC so not only am I itchy, I'm sweating too... oh and the wait was 2 hours. Seriously!! We finally go back and the doctor examines me and tells me, its not the pregnancy rash but a STAPH INFECTION!!!! Then he asks me if I've been in a hot tub lately. I'm all no, I'm pregnant so I can't .....and then it hit me...

I hadn't been in a hot tub ..but I had been in a swimming pool... in Mesquite!!! Terrible! Suddenly that getaway wasn't so fantastic!! So he has put me on a high dose antibotic and I'm praying this thing goes away soon! So next time anyone is in Mesquite... STAY AWAY FROM THE POOL ;)

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dana said...

poor baby, I feel so bad for you.If it isn't one thing it's another. I feel for you.If it helps you I had the same thing when I was carrying Keri. WOW it might be a boy!!!!!!I love you guys. Love mom

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