It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The best part of being pregnant.....

After three long weeks, my rash finally went away and I'm finally feeling better!! I'm two weeks away from being 16 weeks!! This is exciting because that means I'll be 4 months pregnant!! Man the first three months were torture. I'm glad to be in my second trimester for sure! I read that the second trimester is the honeymoon part of the pregnancy and I'd have to say I agree. I almost feel back to my old self. I have a lot of energy back and on occassion have found myself breaking into dance. Naturally I try to limit the break dancing... (just kidding)

Well today I found out the best part of being pregnant.. BABY SHOPPING! Who knew it could be so much fun! We hit Toys R Us to begin.... who knew I'd love that store?! Move over American Eagle! We bought this awesome things called the pack and play. It has a changing table, a basinet, and a playpin all in one. There are three levels natuarally. It will be so handy and even nicer, it will be portable! Then my mom bought us this baby papasen. It is the cutest thing. You lie your baby in it and it vibrates and plays songs and hopefully it will trick my future little one into sleeping. *Crossing Fingers* The last big item that we found was this awesome stroller/carseat. I'm gonna be one cool mom pushing that stroller around the mean streets of England! We bought a bunch of little stuff too, like my sister ended up getting me 3 blankets!! Seriously I can't stress how much fun this was.... finally a fun part of being pregnant!! :)

Well I only have a week left of work!!! I've been waking up and going to that job for the past ten years so it will be very weird and extremely sad to walk away!! I've been busy training my replacement and I thought to myself, its nice to have someone else do all of your work lol!

On the 18th I head out to see my big sis in North Carolina. I'll be there 2 weeks and I'm afraid she is going to tucker me out! She is quite the fireball of energy!!!

Well thats the update!!!!!

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dana said...

I want that thing that vibrates. No fair!!! I want to buy you the swing. Let me know how much ** Keri lived in one when he was a baby. When it stopped he woke up. You also have to find the stuffed chicken that looked like the one Keri had. You can ask him about it. The chicken has to have a hat. He will know all about it. Love you and you sound so happy. Love mom

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