It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

God Save the Queen...

So... there I am fast asleep... well my nights and days are still pretty screwed up so I sleep half the day and half the night... anyway so I finally get to sleep when I hear God Save the Queen. You know the song.... and its being played LOUD. Infact I haven't opened my eyes yet cause I'm still part asleep and I ask my husband if that is him playing that song in our room. I thought maybe he had it playing on the lap top. He tells me now and then he says... just wait the national anthem is next. Okay so EVERY morning on base they play God Save the Queen followed by our national anthem. Seriously is the speaker RIGHT outside our window?? I'm telling you, I thought it was coming from inside our room it was that loud. So yeah thats a nice little wake up call. I mean at Hill they would play the anthem every morning but we lived about 5 minutes off base so we could barely hear it... lol

A quick update about everything. We are living in the Liberty Lodge. I guess everything has the word liberty in front of it out here. Can I just say I LOVE it? Maybe it is because we were living in my parents basement 3 weeks before we moved here and that seemed depressing but this lodge kicks butt. Our room is huge, it has wifi, it has cable, a nice sized bathroom, a laundry room, a fitness center, and my favorite part... an ice machine lol. Okay onto the funny part. So in the book for the lodge it said the rooms had microwaves and a fridge. So we looked all over our room but didn't see on. So later that night we go down and buy some hot pockets (yeah that was the best option of the food we had available) and we search the lodge for a microwave. We thought it was a community one. So we look everywhere and find nothing which frustrates us.... so then I notice this door that has a lock on it. We just assumed it was the door to the next bedroom.... well when i slide back the lock and held my breath.... it was a TINY KITCHEN!! Hurray, a hidden kitchen no one thought to tell us about lol!! So I think we have it made quite frankly. The lodge is right next to everything. Infact I ventured out yesterday to the BX and commissary. I felt SO brave ;)

Last thing, we picked up our rental car yesterday!! I was SO scared when we got in it and Keri started to drive off. The roads are SO small here, not to mention the whole driving on the opposite side of the road. I was proud of my husband though, he didn't get tripped up once. He drove like a pro.. Well thats the quick update!!


dana said...

boy you guys have all the luck traveling. LOL
I am glad you guys made it safe.
it sounds like a bunch of rubbish as they say in England.
Love you guys
Love mom

Amy said...

Sweet, I love the blog. This way I can keep up with you. I hope things in England are good. Good one on the tiny kitchen.

Running Ragged and Loving everyminute of it said...

I am dying! Haven't you ever heard... never pull the red cord unless you are in trouble!!!! :) I love it! I miss you toots!

JL said...

Hey girlly, I love your blog... it is so funny...I'm glad you found the "kitchen" who would have thought it would be behind door number 3. lol... I love the part about the God Save the Queen... that was HILLARIOUS!! Talk to ya soon!!

lexiandjeremy said...

You are so funny! LoL yes they do in fact play God Save the Queen and the National Anthem everyday at 4:30pm SHARP! It's not so loud over in our houses though!

Lisa said...

I'm glad I finally caught up with you- you've made it and sounds like things will be ok for now I guess? Hope things go well and I'll keep up to date with your fun little blog.

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