It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The story of Norfolk...

So there we were on a Saturday afternoon wondering what we could do on another rainy and COLD day in England when Keri suggests we travel to a city called Norfolk. It sounded better than sitting in our lodge so we headed out. The TomTom (our friend GPS unit and new best friend) told us it would take us about 40 minutes. So Keri set off as the driver and I set off as the snoozer!! Naturally I woke up right as we entered the city of Norfolk. So we go through the massive roundabout and get onto this crowded street and are waiting to go up the street. That is when I noticed the smoke.....

So I'm like... Keri is that OUR car smoking? Then the smell set in... and there was no way it couldn't be our car. So Keri says "shoot".. (a direct quote by the way) and pulls out of the line of cars and turns around. So now we are going the opposite direction and really starting to smoke when ... our car shuts down completely and it says Engine overheated. So there we are smoking up the road and that of course is when I realize I really need to use the restroom. Of course the pregnant lady would have to use the restroom right then.

So lets recap.. we are in a strange city we've never been to before, we don't have anyones number in our cell phones besides each others number... our car is dead and I have to use the restroom! YAY! So.... I start walking to find a bathroom with no idea where I'm actually going. It only took about 10 minutes before I found some sort of market thing. So I went in, did my business... looked around a bit (c'mon it was a market, I had to) and then proceeded to head back. Luckily my husband is a genuis and poured some water from our water bottles onto the engine and it cooled down enough for us to drive home!! The main positive from this story was... it wasn't raining for once. That is all I would have needed to be stranded and completely drenched from my walk!!

What can I say... just another fabulous day in England :)


Ally said...

Man, the craziest things happen to you! You seem to have a good attitude though. I always have wanted to go to England, so I will definitely be checking to learn more about it!

Running Ragged and Loving everyminute of it said...

I have to say this.... did we check the fluids before taking this little jaunt? LOL

JL said...

Truly girl you need to take in all the sites you can... so when we come to visit you can be our "tour guide" Love the stories... truly i think your luck will change. You are truly the most patient person i know. xoxo

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