It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Amazing Race..

Well my routine in England has gotten quite predictable. I get up later than I should. Watch tv. Check my emails. Go shopping at the commisary for food. Keri comes home. AND REPEAT. Well sometimes I like to mix it up. I have met some VERY awesome lds girls. In particular I've met two red heads who I really like. In the states I didn't have any red headed friends and yet The UK seems to be crawling with them I tell you! I'm hoping we can trick people into thinking we are Irish sisters! I do think it will work ;) Well anyway one of the patterns I've repeated every day is I get up and precisely at noon I turn on..... THE AMAZING RACE!!

Okay I've never seen this show in my life. I never really even knew what it was about ...and now my friends I'm an addict. I watch that show religiously and it helps that they show is every day at noon. Now granted it is a few seasons behind and my sister already knew who won, it was still something new for me!! Well tragically today the show came to its finale and let me admit there were actual tears in my eyes as my favorite couple ("the hippies") sprinted to the million dollars. Some of the tears were of happiness for my new friends who just won a million and half were because the one thing that brightened my day every day was over :( Now I might actually have to get up and do different activites. It was a comfort to know that at noon everyday I could count on seeing my new favorite show on with my new best friends ;) This might sound very corny to everyone but even something as dumb as The Amazing Race coming on everyday at noon was very comforting.

In other news I am scheduled for my next ultrasound on the 14th!!!! I get to go out into Cambridge which is about 20 minutes away to an actual British hospital to have this done! How new and exciting is this? Then on the 15th we are FINALLY moving into our house!!! YAY!! Things are finally starting to come together! Well that is about all I have to report today :)

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Kayleen said...

Sorry your show is over. Did Steph tell you that me and my friend Diane applied twice to be on The Amazing Race? I guess two girls from Utah weren't interesting enough for them. Hope you're doing well across the pond!

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