It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The story of calling home with a 7 hour time difference!

So there I was in my ever so comfy bed at the worlds best lodge ever.... it was 6:38am and Keri had just left for PT. (Physical Training) Yes I did feel bad for half a second thinking he had to go exercise at the butt crack of morning while I casually lay in bed watching tv and snacking on my Mary Jane halloween candy.. (i keep them by the bed incase I have a late night hunkering!) Anyway so I was there eating and watching british tv (the have a british version of the american show "The View" which is ever so fascinating) when I thought I could call Mom really quick. I did the simple math and figured out it wouldn't be quite midnight Utah time and surely she would still be up. Typically she'd be up watching Fraisure, or that Jon and Kate plus 108.. oops I mean 8.... or something... so I dialed! Yes folks I dialed.. and is quite the process to dial american from england! Dialing all those numbers alone could give you a finger crap... and forget about it if you mess up and dial a wrong digit!! ;)

So Mom answered but it was a rather sleepy hello . This isn't good I thought!! I thought she'd be awake and perky not sleepy!! So we are taking for precisely a minute when she asks me a question... i answer..... and.... i HEAR HER SNORING! Yes folks there I am on the phone from England and mom falls asleep on me!!!!!!! So I'm yelling her name on the phone ...and nothing... *snore snore snore*.... so I don't dare hang up incase she never hangs up and it costs me like a bizzillion dollars (it costs me 25 cents a minute to use the lodge phone)... so luckily I hear Shaun say "mom are you talking?" to which she wakes up! Shew! *wiping off forehead* Soo I inform her that she fell asleep to which she doesn't really address. For fear she will do it again I say can I talk to Shaun? (who is clearly awake and watching The Golden Girls turns out)

Well mom keeps talking and asking questions when.... *snore snore* SHE FALLS ASLEEP A SECOND TIME!! No I'm not kidding!!!!! I was like... dying! So then I hear Shaun again (thank heavens he was there) say something to mom and finally she passes the phone!!!! I was seriously dying!!

Moral of the story: don't call utah at midnight unless you want to hear mom snoring and you're willing to pay 25 cents a minute to hear it!!;)


dana said...

that is too funny. I can almost picture that. I am laughing so hard

Lady T said...

Golden Girls???? LOL

JL said...

This truly surprised me as well... your mom is usually quite the little night hawk.... love that Shawn was watching Golden Girls..

Ally said...

This is so funny! But, what I was wondering, what is a finger crap? The pictures in my head right now...

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