It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The British doctor...

Before I left for the states I had a 3D ultrasound done at MacKay Dee Hospital. Well I had it done about 4 weeks earlier than normal because I was leaving for England. Well when I had my first OB check up here in the UK the doctor said a few key things were missing from the ultrasound (namely the heart and the 4 chambers) so she referred me off base to a British Hospital to get another one done!! YAY!

Well the hospital was on the south side of Cambridge which was about a 40 minute drive. We pulled up and were overwhelmed at the size of this hospital! It was HUGE! So we briskly walk in (we were running a bit late) and ask where to go. Now lets stop here to talk about the hospital itself. Some parts of the hospital are old and some parts are new. Well the new parts were like walking into a mall. There was a clothing store, a bath and body works type of store, a HAIR SALON, a supermarket, a burger king.. I mean it had it all! I was half tempted to do a little christmas shopping whilst I was there ;) Now... the older parts... they were downright spooky!! I mean I bet those cooridoors are haunted at night by ghosts! I don't want to be around that place around halloween that is for sure!

Well after walking the 5K (it took FOREVER to get to the maternity ward) we arrived. I said to Keri.. they do realize we are pregnant right? I mean where are the wheelchairs! I almost needed to be hooked up to some oxygen! AIR! Anyway we check in and about 5 minutes later a nurse dressed in a civil war era type of outfit comes to get us. We go into the room and meet the nicest doctor ever!!

So he has me lay down and starts the ultrasound and the baby is not cooperating. The baby is laying facedown and the doctor can't see the heart chamber which what he needed to focus on. So he has me get up, and says do you mind jumping up and down a few times. So naturally I jumped a few times. He continues to look for the heart chamber and he says to me... do you mind going and drinking a coke and walking around for a minute? So I go out and guzzle a fully leaded coke and come back.... he takes another look and says "oh dear"..... my baby seriously was being lazy and taking a snooze!!! Well after about 40 minutes he finally is able to get the looks at the heart that he needed. It was actually quite amazing to see the 4 chambers of the heart! The baby looked big too. Her face was full and her tummy was pretty darn round.

The doctor said everything looked perfect. He said that due to everything he saw and stuff that I was at low risk for pre-clampsia and high blood pressure and he didn't seen any indications of down syndrom!! YAY! It was a smashing sucess til I got halfway home and that coke hit my bladder and I needed to go ;)

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