It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our delightful trip to Cambridge

So yesterday was Friday and I awoke feeling exceptionally giddy. I had my 28th week appointment with the OB the day before and the baby was doing excellent. I had been struggling with a sinus infection and migranes and the doctor finally gave me an antibotic.. so for the first time in a while, I woke up on the right side of the bed!! Oh there was loud singing on my part in the house, I even did a few little dance steps... and basically if I had done all of that in my parents house they would have been yelling at for me to calm down and to not be so loud.... but I was in England and not home so I proceeded to belt out the national anthem....

Well we had decided to spend the day in Cambridge which is about 30 minutes give or take the traffic, and how many times Keri had to circle around the roundabout to find the right exit. You know you can go round and round and round until you figure out which exit you need. And in our short time in England we've done a few circles! So we stopped for some gas and I ran in to get some pounds out of the ATM. So I get back in the car and I jokingly look at Keri and say that I'm going to keep the pounds safe and I proceeded to put them in my bra.

So we head to Cambridge and we stop by ASDA which is really just a british version of Wal-mart. We find a few things and then head to a few other stores. Well at the end of the row of stores was Babies R Us! Yay I love Babies R Us! I would love it even more if everything wasn't sold in expensive pounds.. but still my eyes sparkle everytime I go into that store. So we find a few cute things in the store and we head to check out. Well since they can tell I'm clearly pregnant the lady has me fill out this membership card to start collecting points whenever we buy stuff. So I'm filling out the paperwork and the lady is ringing us up. She tells us how much it is and I'm waiting for Keri to pay as I'm trying to remember what our physical address is. So I remember thinking why is he just standing there and then the lady said a bit too snottily, who is paying? So I look at Keri and he goes lets just pay with the cash. So I agree and I'm still waiting for him to pay and I keep trying to think of our address. (It's not a typical US address mind you hence the blank I was having) So Keri says AGAIN ... lets pay in cash....

Well this time it registered.... and I realized that I had never taken the cash out of my bra!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I was mortified! Here we had this snotty lady waiting for us to pay and I had to reach into my bra to pull out the pounds!! Seriously I could have died of embarrassement!!!! She was probably thinking... stupid Americans!

Anyway the rest of the day went better. We hit the mall in Cambridge, went and saw the James Bond movie.... our first movie off base!!! Then we ate at the best Italian place called Bella Italia! Mind you as we sat down they had a real candle burning on the table and I almost caught my hair on fire! Oopsy!

Anyway it was a good day... just a word of caution to all your pregnant ladies with a forgetful memory like mine.... keep your money in your purses as to avoid embarrassing encounters with snotty cashiers!


Shaylynn Kilfoyle said...

How funny you bold woman, i don't think i would've pulled it out of my bra, then again if i could pull the "i'm an american card" i may have. I'm glad you're feeling better! Have you thought of any names for the baby??

~JL~ said...

Only you would think to put the money in your BRA!!! I love it. I would have love to seen the ladies face as you reached into your shirt and pulled the money out. That is HILLAR!!! What kind of things do you need for the baby??? send me a list so i can add it to my Christmas ya girlly... miss ya tons

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