It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

London Calling

Keri and I decided to head out to our few first trip to London a few weeks ago... this sign was our first indication it was going to be a great trip!!

The happy couple on our way to London ... we're on the underground...

Our first view of London after getting off the underground... busy busy bees...

Keri standing on the famous London Bridge..

How come every time I come around those London -London bridge wanna fall down... (Fergie)

This was the ONLY bathroom we could find.... and I simply had to use it!!

Twenty pence to use THIS???

Note to self: Bring soap next time

Keri GET UP.... we have lots to get done.. and I'M HUNGRY...

Now where do I find the millenium bridge...

The millenium bridge..

We make London look good.. even pregnant!

We took an awesome water tour to Westminster! It could not have been colder however! Why did we wear flip flops!!!

You won't catch me on that ferriswheel!

Can anyone else picture peter pan flying past this to get to Never Never Land?

Keri standing infront of Parliment..

No I disagree, BYU has a much better offense than Utah... (That was the ACTUAL conversation I overheard them having)

I think this is still part of Parliment! Its gorgeous!

Charge!! For Virginia... uh England ;) Right outside of Parliment..

The not whatsoever confusing street signs... Keri is trying to point the way to Waterloo...

Taking time out to call a few mates..

Keri lost in England and a jolly man with a nice camera ;)

Where can I find me a hat like that? I must send one home to daddy...

Open the gates and seize the day (reference from my old favorite show Newsies!!)

My home away from home... BUCKINGHAM PALACE!! Soooo gorgeous!

THE QUEEN IS HOME!!! Why hasn't she invited me in for some tea?!

Welcome to my favorite part of London! Picadilly Circus.. First item of business for Keri... eat at McDonalds!! I sure hope they have some fry sauce!! Oh and a bathroom!!

Shaun and I have grown up singing songs from this play! I have to see this while I'm here!!

The Lion King!!

There is so much to do at Picadilly Circus! Every street is lined with shops and naturally I made Keri let me look in ALL OF THEM!!

The big bad Underground!
Our long London Adventure had come to an end!! My feet could literally not take another step but it was a fun filled day for sure! VIVA LONDON!


~JL~ said...

I truly cannot wait to come see this in person!!!... make sure you know where all the "hot" spots are so we can visit there. I love the pics.

Shaylynn Kilfoyle said...

Congrats on everything, i was reading through the blog a little bit, what an adventure England & a baby what a crazy life, but how exciting!

Dianna said...

I love your pictures, it looks like you guys are having fun over there. Do you think you will come back here anytime soon to see your family?

Alicia said...

Ok--so your pics made me really want to come and visit you in good ol' London!! Maybe next spring?? We would both have our little babes then and we could push them around town in matching prams... I find out tomorrow what I am having!! How will I call and let you know?!

Suzy Tranter said...

Erin! Wow, who doesn't have a blog these days, I guess I'm late in joining the trend but I'm so glad we can see your travels in England and updates with the baby now!

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