It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hannah Montana!!

Okay okay okay.... so I've never been an actual fan of that Hannah Montana show... I mean don't get me wrong, when there is nothing on, I'll totally sit down and watch an episode or three... and yeah I might have watched a marathon before on a boring day but yeah its not like I tune in faithfully! So there I was ... watching tv when a preview came on for her movie and I just knew it was a must see!! So tonight KK, Shaun, and I went.... and as I suspected.. I LOVED IT! It was seriously so goooood! I mean is it safe for someone over twelve to admit they liked the show?

Anyway thats not the real story of the night.. oh yes my friends that came later. So after the killer movie I was like... we have GOT to go pick up the soundtrack! Seriously, again... I never really thought Mylie Cyrus was like that great of a singer but her new song "The Climb" gave me goosebumps when she sang it in the movie... or maybe it was because she was brave enough to finally take off her blonde wig and just be Mylie.....okay I'm getting off track (and you'll have had to see the movie to understand why i said that!).... so yeah we hit up Target and I ran.... actually ran to the cds. Mind you my knee is NOT healed up well enough for me to be running yet so after the run I was hobbling a bit....

So I get to the place it is suppose to be and...and ...... they were all gone! Seriously sold out! So I was like.... onto Wal-Mart! I know.... who shops at Wal-Mart right? (Jk) So we hop back in the car and we cruise to Wal-Mart. I get out of the car and decide running is out, and casually walk in... but it was a fast paced walk. So we get back to the cds and......... gone! They were ALL gone! I'm like what the heck.... so we check like all over and seriously nothing and I'm starting to get really sad...... until.......I see Kelly reach for something and my eyes get big and I see the best thing these eyes have seen in a while........THE LAST HANNAH MONTANA --THE MOVIE CD!!! You cannot imagine my joy! I started hyperventalating my sister said and I was going on and on about how I couldn't believe she got the last cd, and how great it was, and how if she let me have it they could both burn it to their iPods and I'm just going on and on... and I clutch the cd stand to help support my hyperventalating... and thats when I noticed..........this hot boy standing RIGHT behind me listening to EVERY WORD I was saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omgosh I was sooo embarrased. No wonder my sister quickly handed me the cd without a fight (i mean she wanted it too people)..... no wonder my brother quietly walked away like he didn't know...... as i was going on and on and on and ON.... this guy was standing there listening to me and was probably wondering if I was a special needs kid or something!

So I'm like why didn't you guys tell me he was right there?! Meanwhile my sister is laughing SO hard that she um.... has an "accident".... oopsy don't tell her I told you that. So I'm dying, KK's laughing, and Shaun is no where to be found! So Kelly tells me she notices this guy walking down the isle as I'm going on and he actually stops and listens and Kelly is just so embarrassed cause she is holding the cd and he can see its Hannah Montana and we are clearly NOT twelve....and I'm one step away from needing to blow into a paper bag to calm I was totally dying later!!!!!!! But it was well worth it... KK snagged me the very last cd in the store and I must say it was well worth it!!

-----The end------


Dianna said...

HA HA HA HA I love it! that is so funny! Why can I just see you doing that? LOL

Shaylynn..Shay..Shayzers...Shaybo...Shaybe..Shaymus... said...

SECRET: I loved the movie. I had to take Andrew (my mom nominated me) i was borderline teary eyed during it. "Butterfly" got to me. It was a cute movie, one that makes you feel good, and not make you think about horrible things (case & point most movies now a days) I bought the soundtrack too.. i love taylor swift that was my main reason... the climb is awesome. I won't lie i laughed at the end when she said, "thank you for letting me be hannah" ugh, youre welcome?

Chris and Kerri said...

KK quit peeing your pant.... :o) Remember when KK pee'd in the back of my car when we were "stalking Jason and Mike"....I do!

Kristi said...

HILARE!!!! lol You are so funny Erin . . I was thinking "hmmm, i'm bored. Let's check out Erin's blog & see if there's any updates." Well OF COURSE there was & they were hysterical as usual! I love it! Haven't seen the movie, but I'm leaving work early now to go! lol kidding, but thanks for laugh 2day! xoxo Kristi

Kayleen said...

I love the way you tell a story even if it's about Hannah Montana!

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