It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big screams and small acts of kindess!

So there I was... inside the house on a tuesday morning with a crying baby. She ate, she napped, she screamed!!! Patience I thought to myself... just have patience... meanwhile I'm frantically trying to think of anything to help sooth her... and the only thing I found is that she wanted me to hold her... so after about 15 minutes I thought to myself I can't do this all day so I put her down.... and thus the screaming started up again. So I put on my flip flops, strapped baby into the stroller and we were off...

The base we live on is relatively small so you can walk just about anywhere in about 10 minutes. Lucky for me the BX is like a 3 mile walk. As we walked she calmed down and I thought about what a genius mom I was. So we got into the BX and I was just about to get my shop on when.....*waaaaah waaaaaah* the crying started up again. You've got to be kidding me. Crying in the house is one thing, but the fit she was throwing in the store with everyone looking was quite another. I started to sweat.... I sweat when I get all I'm trying to calm her down while spying a cute shirt out of the corner of my eye when my small miracle came over named Vickie Wilkins...

Vickie Wilkins is just about the nicest, sweetest, most caring, sincerely awesomest person I've ever met. She is a mother of nine and has amazing patience. I've never seen her raise her voice or get flustered at all. She is, in my mind, the very model of what a mother should be. She happened to be shopping with her kids and must have heard Cambree's cries. Vickie came right over and took Cambree out of her stroller and the second Cambree hit her arms she started smiling and all the tears were gone. It was magic I tell you. Vickie kept saying she would take Cambree while I finished shopping and I kept saying... no... but eventually said yes. Ahhh Vickie took Cambree for probably 20 minutes and I was able to collect myself, and shop around in silence.

Now I know this story must seem like not a big deal... but to anyone who is the mother of a screaming child, this was god sent. A small act of kindness from Vickie really helped calm me down and have a little time to myself. Turns out Cambree was a complete saint the whole time they had her. It was a nice break for the both of us. Sincerely nice people are rare to find these days and it makes me want to be a nicer person myself. Maybe one day when I'm shopping and I come across a screaming child of someone I know I can return the small act of kindess.


Kristi said...

OMG . . . how SWEET of Vickie!!!! Girl I completely understand when the kids are crying and the anxiety of it all. Bring on the truck-load of sweat & panic!!! LOL!!! I love the animated way you tell stories . . you really get the reader involved! haha Glad you got out of the BX with your necessities, your baby & your dignity! hee hee lol Love & Miss you tons!!!! xoxoxo

Stephanie said...

That is really sweet!! And you are very right when you say a small thing is a God send....I can only imagine how much anxiety I would have with a screaming baby. Lucky for you to have such a sweet friend.

~stephanie cartbloom :)

~JL~ said...

Wow, that was a sweet story. I felt all good inside. You are totally right, I think sometimes it is the little things that count more than the big obvious ones. I also think that God places people in our lives for a reason!

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