It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A week of being brave...

As if conquering Cambridge wasn't enough.... next came Friday night. My friend Miranda and her husband wanted us to join them for a night out! She had mentioned going to see GI Joe and having dinner... at a Thai restaurant. Oh goodie I thought.... Thai food. I might just be the worlds pickiest eater (well next to my siblings lol) .. I mean I'm the type to get a hamburger ketchup only... I don't ever go out of my way to try something daring ... and I'll usually pick the most plain and boring thing on the menu. So for me to agree to Thai food.... well lets just say I wasn't exactly thrilled but decided I could branch out and try something new. I know I know... how big of me! Besides I could wash just about anything down with a diet coke right??

So Miranda and her husband were running late and we missed the movie and head straight into Mildenhall Village for dinner. We rolled up on the Thai restaurant and I took a deep breath and walked through the glass doors. Then I heard the most beautiful words ever...... they were all booked up and we couldn't eat there! Hurray!! I was saved!! Bring on the normal food.... or not..... darn that Miranda... her and Geoff had other ideas..... the other idea was....... INDIAN FOOD!

Indian food?!?! And I thought Thai sounded bad.... Thai sounded like heaven on earth compared to Indian food. That movie Along Came Polly came to my mind when they said Indian food. You know the part where Ben Stiller is sweating uncontrollable and then had to head to the bathroom. I mean.... I have an irritable bowel to start with.... is adding Indian food into that equation really a good idea? But... I didn't want to be a party pooper.... so I agreed....

We walked into the restaurant called Ghandi by the way..... and took a deep breath in. *Sniff sniff*..... what is that smell...... *another sniff*.... surely this can't be a good sign if the smell of this place makes me want to vomit. It's like walking into a nail salon where the smell is just like horribly awful but the longer you are there the less you notice it. Well that happened.... we sat and the longer we sat the less I noticed the smell... was that a good sign or a bad sign?

We were given the menu and I'm frantically looking for something I could stomach. The menu might as well been in French..... I mean I had no idea what the heck Curry was..... is that sad? When he came to take our orders.... I simply pointed at something that had chicken in it and hoped for the best. I told Miranda and Geoff I could probably go on Fear Factor after this experience....

Well turns out... the food wasn't that bad. Infact I didn't hate it. It wasn't even scary. That movie Along Came Polly exaggerates I think lol. I mean it probably wouldn't be a place I would ever suggest eating at.... but if I was starving and that was the only option I had......I guess I would go there. So there you go... the girl who doesn't try new things often tried one of the most craziest restaurants and lived. Maybe I'll order something different with my hamburger next time..... spice it up a little...... than again... probably not!!

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