It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dancing Diva!!

From the second Cambree could walk she was dancing! She use to watch the movie Rio over and over and over again and dance along with the birds. The beginning sequence was her favorite.... and let me tell you her little legs can move fast! She will dance along to any song! Her favorite right now is "I like to move it move it" from Madagascar 2.  Then she surprised me and started doing the splits during her dances... yes the SPLITS. I knew right then (okay I knew before) that she is going to be a star! A dancing star! I have been waiting for my lil girl to turn 3 so she could officially start dance classes.  I have been on the look out for a good dance class and luckily one fell into my lap.  We live in off base housing in a housing area called Linden Oaks. There is this group for it on Facebook (of course) and this lady started talking about a new dance studio that was opening up just down the street from us. How perfect is that? Fate? Destiny?? (What, I'm excited!) Naturally I signed Cambree up and dance classes start June 18th! I signed her up in a combo class of tap, ballet, and tumbling.  Luckily a cute little girl from church is in the same class as Cambree so today Kimmi and I took our girls out shopping for the class. We were on a mission to find tap shoes (could you die?! Cambree in TAP shoes?!), ballet shoes (again could you die?!) and of course a leotard.. but lets be honest at her age of course I'm buying her one with a tutu!! I wanted a cute pink one but I found this amazing black one! It is to die for! We took the girls back to try them on in the changing rooms and I heard Kimmi squeal first... her daughter found an adorable pink one. I had Cambree try on the black one and I was in love!!! I'm telling you... Cambree in this tutu... she is destined to be a star!!! Well I came back off my cloud as we tried on tap shoes. Ohhh my gosh... can you say melt down? Cambree was screaming... loudly. Naturally as any mother with a screaming child does.. I started to sweat.. and get flushed. There is nothing worse than a screaming child... unless it is a screaming child you are trying to get to fit into a tap shoe!! It was truly one of the most embarrassing moments I've had as a mom.  Anyway we purchased our items and of course Cambree insisted on wearing the tutu all day.  I let her tap tap tap in the bathroom with her tap shoes for a minute and boy was she excited when she found out the loud noise those shoes made.  I had to pry them off of her and hide them!! I am sooooo excited for these dance classes.  It is one thing to put a girl in dance classes because it would be cute... it is another to put a girl who LOVES to dance in dance classes and see her blossom! I'm so excited for my lil dancer :)


This is cute little Allegra & Cam in the dressing rooms trying on their tutu's
This is Cambree at home tap tap tapping away in her shoes! 

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