It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

The small notes

I'm not sure if anyone really reads this or if this is more just a place like a diary where I can write down things and come back later and remember them.  Either way I wanted to write down a few things. Things have been crazy around here.  I wrote a long blog about a week ago and just as I went to hit publish... Ashley hit the button on the CPU to shut down the computer. Isn't that just my luck? Right now we are in the twin teething phase. You know the phase where the kids are just about 1 year & 1/2 and they are sleeping SO good and then their molars start to come in.  Yep, we are in molar city around here.  Here is what typical nights are like... We put the twins to bed at 7pm.  A half hour or hour into their sleep one wakes up screaming...and I mean screeeeeeeeeaming...  a few seconds later the other one wakes up screaming.... we orajel them up, depending on the situation we give a little motrin and the cycle continues ALL night long. Waking up....orajel... trying to get them back to bed.  It's almost like you are back in the newborn stage where they only sleep a few hours at a time.  I know this is all normal but when it is double the screaming it makes for some long nights.  Last night Ashley was the culprit.  Usually when I put them down Ashley will put her pointer finger in her mouth and she is out but last night she was the one who started the scream fest.  I quickly grabbed her and decided to bring her in my bed and she went back to sleep.  An hour later Buddy woke up screaming so we put Ashy back in the crib.. grabbed Buddy and put him in bed with me. I guess it is kinda funny if you think about all the moving around and bed hopping but at the time I am definitely not laughing in the moment.

The next thing we have going on is Cambree's dance class.  Now let me begin by saying I am the second most paranoid/anxious person in the world. The first being my mother.  I am SO my mother when it comes to this.  I am talking knots in my stomach anxious.  I wish I knew the secret to relaxed mothers however I just have to point out having the 3 kids who are 3 and under probably put me over the top in my anxious category.  One thing I know for sure is Cambree LOVES to dance.... another thing I know for sure is she doesn't love ballet. Today she has her second class of ballet/ tap/ tumbling and I'm praying it goes smoothly.    I have put Cam in her ballet shoes all week in preparation for class. She dances all around the house and believe me she would tap all day if I let her.  I wish I could just relax and realize it is just dance class and it will be fine.  

Luckily my sister and her family are coming down for the 4th of July.  Fort Bragg is having a huge extravaganza! Then after that it is the countdown until I get to go home for christmas! Yes I know it is a long way off but hey it is the small things that keep me going everyday! Now back to that dance class... just kidding. 

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Kayleen said...

Just want to let you know I read your blogs! and I LLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEE every one of them. You have the best way of telling a story. Keep it up, cutie!

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