It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

33 weeks and counting....

I thought my first trimester was miserable! You know being tired all the time.. the morning sickness... just the overall not feeling good... Then came the second trimester and I was back to feeling good...then entered the frustrating third trimester...

Reasons why the third trimester is kicking me in the butt!!


* Sleeping is a joke! If you happen to find a comfortable sleeping position it will only take a matter of moments for the little one inside to make it miserable. The kicking, the shifting of positions. Not to mention the tossing, the endless turning.... and then after all that you realize you can't fall asleep even though you are the most tired you've ever felt in your life.

*The ENDLESS bathroom trips!!! In our house we only have one bathroom and it is unfortunately upstairs.. since we spend most of the time downstairs in the family room you can only imagine how many trips i make up and down those hideous stairs! And just when you get back downstairs and find a comfortable sitting position.... its time to go again! It's an endless cycle..

*The never ending appetite!!! I'm not even kidding, I could eat all day. This is the most hungry I've been all pregnancy! For example just today I made some spaghetti and before I knew it, I had eaten all the spaghetti and hadn't left my husband any!! Well as happy as I was eating all that spaghetti it only took a few minutes for my enjoyment to turn into horror as the spaghetti battled with the baby in my stomach for room!! Oh the discomfort!!

*There is nothing that makes you feel worse about yourself than going up a set of stairs and being winded. Maybe it is just me, but it seems like the tiniest of things leave me gasping for air. My husband and I were walking around Ipswitch and he says to me.... why are you out of breath? I dunno... maybe its the enormous baby inside me making my every step so tiring!!

*Not being able to get off the couch without assistance! I swear the baby has doubled in size overnight because I struggle and I do mean struggle to get off the couch and onto my feet. It could take a good five minutes of inching every so slightly to get me off the couch if I'm by myself. And if I've just settled onto the couch and the phone rings.. forget about it.... there is no way I'm gonna make it up in time!! Not to mention when you've just sat down and the doorbell rings!!!

*The swelling!! Nothing makes you feel more attractive than looking down at your hands and seeing your fingers have swelled into fat sausage fingers. That goes double for your toes.

Well luckily I only have 7 more weeks to go!! I can do it!! Someday I'll hopefully look back and laugh about me eating all the food in the house and being stuck on the couch because I can't get up without assistance! Ahh the joys of the third trimester!!


Chris and Kerri said...

I wish you could have been pregnant whilst we lived together. I would have pampered you! That would have been fun. The new babe could have slept in the master bedroom since it wasn't being occupied for some time! Miss you but I love blogs!

Suzy Tranter said...

Ah man....can I ever relate! I'm only 27 weeks so just entering the 3rd trimester and I already can relate to all of that! The joys of pregnancy!

~JL~ said...

Girl, it is all worth it... trust me. I know the feeling in so many ways...remember I had 2 bathrooms in my house and they were both at top of 2 flights of stairs. I remember eating more than Justin did... that was scary for me. I feel for ya but this is one of the best times of your pregnancy... enjoy it i guess you could say.

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