It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things I love to hate about England....

After living here a whole three months I've found quite a few things I love to hate about England. Here is my list:

*Driving on roads barely big enough for one car, let alone two... while keeping up with the national speed limit of 60mph on VERY bumpy roads!

*Forgetting if I yield from the left or right while going through a roundabout and then just being too scared to venture in until it is clear. I compare it to jumping rope... once the rope gets going you have to just go for it and jump right in... no hesitating or you will mess up everything!

*Eating at a food court in the mall and having to pay extra for KETCHUP! 10 Pence

*Sight seeing in London and having to decide whether to spend 20 pence to use a port a potty in the middle of the city and not being able to wash your hands, or paying 50 pence at a better bathroom that actually has soap. Yes, we pay for restrooms over here!

*Asking a British person where the bathroom is and having them look at you strange as if you are speaking french.... asking for the restroom they look at you like you're speaking German, but asking where the "toilets" are and they completely understand...

*Paying a tax just to turn on your tv and watch it.... (yes there is a tv tax people)

*Walking towards your British car and pausing trying to remember which side the passenger gets in on .... and still getting it wrong

*Living a house with half 220 v and half 110 v.... and having your 110 v fizzle on and off because of a crappy transformer.... so basically you are sitting in the dark in the living room while the kitchen is still cooking dinner and your tv still works... but using a flashlight to find your way to the bathroom.

*17.5% SALES TAX....enough said

*Parking spaces too small to fit average sized cars

*Contractors who think storing water tanks in the ceiling in order to create water pressure is a fabulous idea. Meanwhile you are getting hypothermia in the shower while waiting for the water to drizzle out!


*Malls that consist of styles from the 80's (bright blue shoes with big bows on them), food courts that consist of Burger King. Period. And everything else costing too much to afford.

*Burger King being EVERYWHERE but nothing else but an occassional McDonalds.

*Speed cameras instead of cops who patrol constantly. You don't get pulled over, you get a ticket in the mail that you usually don't see coming..

Those are just a few tidbits I've learned while living here! Gotta love England!

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Shaylynn Kilfoyle said...

eww... I'm not a fan of your loving to hate Englandish odd-ball things... Good luck with that, I'd sooner pee on the road, and pull out some hand sanitizer that i shipped over from the U.S. just to rebel against the sales tax.

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