It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The spectacular tree that WASN'T!!!

Every year, the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree is decorated in traditional Norwegian style, with five hundred individual white lights.The tree itself, a Norwegian spruce, is chosen with great care from the forests around Oslo, it is chosen for Trafalgar Square several years in advance. Well when I heard all of those fabulous details I simply KNEW this was a tree I must see for myself!! So Keri and I ventured onto the Underground and into London!! Mind the gap everyone!!
We stepped out of the Underground at Westminster and the first thing we saw was Big Ben welcoming us!! Anticipation was high as I knew we were moments away from seeing something historic. I mean this tree tradition dates back SIXTY YEARS!!
AHHH how easy we found it!!!! Wait that's not the tree? Nuts....
Well since we have to go searching (and we had no idea where to find the tree) we might as well take a few pictures....
How many pictures can you have in front of Big Ben.... I say you can never have enough..
We started the search out soooo happy.... don't worry that changes in a minute..
Are you SURE that isn't the tree??
Okay seriously how do you get to Trafalgar Square?? We had no idea.. if only Keri would have turned around to check the sign out behind him that pointed the way.... nahhh too easy! Don't let his smile fool you, behind the camera I was definately frowning!!
So we were lost and then we happened upon this sign... ummm should we abort??
Ahh I see a spectacular water fountain.... could we be there??
WE FOUND IT!!! Okay as much tradition is behind that tree... I would have seriously thought they would have found a tree you couldn't SEE THROUGH!! Look towards the bottom... the branches are completely gone..... and we had missed the carolers :(
We were a bit disappointed in the tree but we made up for our disappointment when we spied the Lion statue.... get up there Keri...
One... Two....Three... jump Keri... put down the coke bottle and jump!!
This might go down as my all time favorite picture!! Keri is about 6'5 and he was struggling to get up onto this lion. Mind you I was laughing so hard I knew I was minutes away from an accident not to mention the people around WATCHING!!! You can do it Keri...
Now I'm I really have to try to get down? I'll just rest a minute with my lion..
Okay so we were tired and we walked across the street to hop onto the underground when what do we find??? It locked up!!!!
Let us in! Let us in!!
And just when I thought things couldn't get worse... the toilets were closed!!

What an adventure for sure! I think we can safely say we've seen the tree and we never have to go back.. unless I want to have a good laugh watching Keri try to get onto that Lion!!


Shaylynn KKKKilfoyle... said...

What an adventure for you! That's hilarious. At least you got some great shots.. I gotta tell you I would be lost without a GPS around here in PA, the troublesome part is that i can't carry it when i'm walking through the city.. so i have a inkling as to what you went through...

Bouwhuis Family said...

What a fun adventure!! Crazy you have to pay to use a bathroom but it was fun to read all the adventures and memories your making in England!! Oh and Happy New Year since I know it's already 2009 over there!!

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