It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Airport Drama!

I think we all know that when we fly on any airplanes are sometimes are taking risks with our lives and our pocessions we are traveling with. Of course we all know the famous story from my Honeymoon. We overslept the day of our flight, rushed to the airport, got on another flight only to have that flight delayed resulting in us missing our second plane of the day! The honeymoon wasn't start off with a kick wasn't it? We ended up in Miami nine hours later that projected. They had given away our room, and were going to try and downsize us to a double queen bed. Hello.... honeymoon anyone?? Who sleeps in seperate beds on their honeymoon!

Well the trip went more of the same. We missed another flight on the way home. We were so delayed in waiting due to the pilots being late getting there that by the time we ran to the terminate and gate ...the place was still there and attached but they had given away our seats!!!!! HELLO IT'S OUR HONEYMOON CAN WE NOT CATCH A BREAK. Well to make a long story short we did get home but once we got home we didn't have our luggage show up for an extra day!

Well since that experience we'd tried to keep away from flighting until last week when Keri went home to visit his parents. He got to Florida and went out and bougth himself a wii. He had been looking everywhere for one in Utah and they were always sold out. He was pretty happy to found on! Welll the day came for him to come home and we meet him at the airport. He jokingly says.. i HOPE MY WII MADE IT.... so he goes digging in his luggage.. and turns out his wii is ineed STOLEN!!! One of the TSA workers stole it while going over his baggage!! Can you believe they'd walk away with a wii??? Like someone wouldn't notice it?! So not only that Keri had bought gamse online through the wii so his credit card information was stored in the wii.. so he had to call and cancel his carrd. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! Well it doesn't end there...

The very next night we are back at the airtport to pick up my sister Kelly. Ker decided to do the express check in where you swipe a credit card instead of worrying about paying with cash. Well that was pretty slick until he realized he had swiped the card he had reported stolen the night before due to his stolen wii!! What a messs.. so we had to sit and wait while Fatuma figured out what to do. I mean it as a $2 deal. I thought we'd just pay and be on our way.. oh no, Keri had to give her his address, phone number, license plate numbre.. i swear they were about to draw some blood.... it was such the ordeal!!!!!!

In short-- be very caustious when flying. Don't put anything valuable into the suitcase you leave for them to board. And never use a stolen credit card or Fatuma might keep you all night!!!

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