It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bear Lake or Bust.. literally

Ahh memorial weekend .. it usually means one thing and one thing only... time to head to Bear Lake with the Thatchers. We'd been doing this tradition for quite a few years now. Each year we usually lose someone to a mission (from the Thatcher family) and this year we were missing my scrumptious husband. Of all the weekends to fly home he picked memorial weekend. Well I was sad but was ready for fun just the same!

Friday I headed up a little after the family. Since Keri had been gone, I had my friend Steph staying with me, so she met him after work to get her stuff. Around 6pm I was on the open road to the cabin. Everyone left hours before me and I ended up pulling up to the cabin only minutes after them! What can I say.. I don't like to waste time on the open road. The cabin is about 2 1/2 hours from where we all live. I usually make it in under 2 hours. Of course everyone is usually car sick after driving with me through the canyons... but my car likes to take the sharp curves fast!! What can I say..

So we got there and that's when the fun started. We were unpacking and someone went downstairs to find..... a lake in the cabin!!!! Our pipes had burst!!!!! There was water everywhere downstairs and it was kinda deep!! Well the hits just kept on rolling.... next we found out there was no propane... which meant even if we had water it would be freezing cold! So there we were with no water, no propane.. and now this is the kicker... sit down for this one...

So mom wanders out on our deck and is admiring the the gorgeous scenery when she spies.... A DEAD DEER!!!!!!! Yes there was a dead deer RIGHT outside our cabin. It's head was actually leaning against the side of the cabin wall. It was SOOO sad! Okay lets recap, no water... no propane, and a poor dead rotting deer outside the door!!!! It had been there for a while and there was ALL SORTS of bugs/flies all over the place.

Well we made a few calls and Big Al and Dad started on the pipes. Dad called Angie to tell her about it and thats when she confessed she had left the propane run all winter. Terrifying. She promised that her and Bill woud come up in the morning and help fix the pipes. Apparently Uncle Bill is sort of a plumbing genius! Well that night was interesting, everytime we had to go to the bathroom we had to drive down to the clubhouse or the KOA.

Saturday we woke up and this guy came to haul off the deer. Poor guy. Then Ang and Bill made it to help with the pipes. In the meantime I had to hit the clubhouse to shower. This cabin trip was turning into be more like a camping trip than anything. Everytime you opened up the door flies would be everywhere. It was gross. Well after a few hours Bill had fixed the pipes so we had water, just not hot water. You know you always take hot water for granted until you don't have any...

Well we ended up having a ball. Shaun, Mom, and I had to sleep in the same bed to keep warm at night. Let me tell you, I should win an award for sleeping in the middle of them. Not only was I squished, they SNORED. It was truly hideous!!!! But the trip ended up being great. Lots of food, lots of games, lots of movies and TONS of laughter! This will be a cabin trip for the history books!!

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Alicia said...

OH BEAR LAKE...How I miss you!! I should write an ode to the cabin!! LOVED the recap!! The deer--gag! Atleast you didn't trip on a rake, get bit by a snake and fall into the lake...

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